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Circular Dithering Tutorial


So, majority vote, dithering tutorial.
As overdone as they are.
Here you go, this is how do i larger circlular things.
I hope its easy to read and clear.

NOTE - This technique might not work aswell on other programmes such as MSpaint. I used Paintshop Pro x for this tutorial.

LISTEN UP - This technique can be used on anything, not just circular, just go with the flow of what you're doing.

People have their own techniques for dithering, i'm not claiming anything is right or wrong, i not claiming this way is unique and my idea, it's widely used. This is for purposes only to help out people who need help with the simpler method.

Any questions or what not, feel free to note or ask me. Anything you can't understand or doesn't make sense, i'm always free to answer.

Credit to =krissi001 for starting the big emoticon craze, which is the theme i used for this tutorial.

*if it's screwed up just give me a second to change it, since i thought a transparent png file would be sexeh*
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This tutorial is very informative and is easy for beginners to comprehend. It is very straight to the point and easy for people who want to be pixel artists. The little Sinibugs inbetween the tutorial made it less dull and fun to read along, knowing Sinibug is always showing up and most likely reading it too. Everyone who read this has learned something new, and this tutorial helped me out a lot as well. I wish I was as good of a pixel artist too, as it would help set a nice background for my emoticons. I know someday you will become a pixel art emoticonist legend.

Best wishes,
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I've always had trouble with big emotes, and this was very helpful. Thanks :huggle:
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I am glad it will help, if you need some help with emotes small than this i can help
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Sini! When she was sweet and innocent ;; lol
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meow cat planet cat planet  cat face  Cat nods  Nosebleed 
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looks like itll take forever.....
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Un SuperGrazie!!!
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what tool do you use to dither? :)
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Just a basic 1px pencil - The stressful way :P
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very good and helpful tutorial - thanks!
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up thar...
that's what she said.

great tutorial :]
I just started dithering and it's a painfully lengthy process >_>
Very easy to understand this tut :D
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i shall now use this tutorial to make a giant emote! :dummy:

now if only i dont exit out of gimp without saving it this time.......
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yay i is almost done!!!!!! but the computer screen is hurting my eyes because I'm using ppurple and it makes it look really bright! DX

but I'll ive. It'll take like another 10 minutes. i'll show you my results when I get there
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--Whenever I'm randomly staring at your avatar, I crack up.
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lol then it is doing it's job :la:
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I...I don't wanna be picky or deprive you of valuable time... But.......
Sinister-Starfeesh's avatar
What is this valuble time you speak of?
I've never had any of that... to much of it free :B
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(Just had dinner) Uhm.... Okay.... Sorry to take up valuable ... moments of life... AND DON'T SAY YOU HAVE NONE BECAUSE You do.
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I don't, so carry on xD
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