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Haleema - My Walking Dead OC Character in SmackPie by SingMoonBeaEmoji Haleema - My Walking Dead OC Character in SmackPie :iconsingmoonbeaemoji:SingMoonBeaEmoji 5 11 Griselle Butterfly, The Detective by SingMoonBeaEmoji Griselle Butterfly, The Detective :iconsingmoonbeaemoji:SingMoonBeaEmoji 5 39 Sanja's wand and crown by SingMoonBeaEmoji Sanja's wand and crown :iconsingmoonbeaemoji:SingMoonBeaEmoji 4 4 Bernadette's wand and crown by SingMoonBeaEmoji Bernadette's wand and crown :iconsingmoonbeaemoji:SingMoonBeaEmoji 5 2 Viola's wand and crown by SingMoonBeaEmoji Viola's wand and crown :iconsingmoonbeaemoji:SingMoonBeaEmoji 5 6 Nike's wand and crown by SingMoonBeaEmoji Nike's wand and crown :iconsingmoonbeaemoji:SingMoonBeaEmoji 4 0 Minerva's wand and crown by SingMoonBeaEmoji Minerva's wand and crown :iconsingmoonbeaemoji:SingMoonBeaEmoji 4 0 India's wand and crown by SingMoonBeaEmoji India's wand and crown :iconsingmoonbeaemoji:SingMoonBeaEmoji 4 2 Princess Griselle by SingMoonBeaEmoji Princess Griselle :iconsingmoonbeaemoji:SingMoonBeaEmoji 10 12 Blossom Butterfly, The Gardener by SingMoonBeaEmoji Blossom Butterfly, The Gardener :iconsingmoonbeaemoji:SingMoonBeaEmoji 5 11 Damaris Butterfly, The Gold Heart by SingMoonBeaEmoji Damaris Butterfly, The Gold Heart :iconsingmoonbeaemoji:SingMoonBeaEmoji 5 10 Fiore Butterfly, The Brightest of Forest by SingMoonBeaEmoji Fiore Butterfly, The Brightest of Forest :iconsingmoonbeaemoji:SingMoonBeaEmoji 15 16 Hermione's wand and crown by SingMoonBeaEmoji Hermione's wand and crown :iconsingmoonbeaemoji:SingMoonBeaEmoji 8 4 Penelope's wand and crown by SingMoonBeaEmoji Penelope's wand and crown :iconsingmoonbeaemoji:SingMoonBeaEmoji 8 0 Felicity's wand and crown by SingMoonBeaEmoji Felicity's wand and crown :iconsingmoonbeaemoji:SingMoonBeaEmoji 8 4 Bobinette's wand and crown by SingMoonBeaEmoji Bobinette's wand and crown :iconsingmoonbeaemoji:SingMoonBeaEmoji 8 10


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Haleema - My Walking Dead OC Character in SmackPie
Lotus Flower  Introduction of Character

Name: Haleema Bath

Age: 15 to 19 years old (Mid to late teens)

Gender: Female

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Hetrosexual

Nickname(s): Hale


Date of Birth: April

Status: Alive or Dead

Astrological/Zodiac Sign: Aries

Ethnicity: Indian-American

Blood Type: AB

Affiliations/OrganizationsEricson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth

Occupation: Pre-Apocalypse: Student, Post-Apocalyse: Supply Runner, Lookout and Medic

Lotus Flower The Character’s Appearance

General Appearance
: She has dark skin, short dark brown hair(originality was long hair, but she cuts her hair when apocalyse begins) and blue eyes. She wears blue jacket with stickers, a dark red sweater with elegant, a green jean and a combat boots. 

Height: 5'2''

Weight: 52 kg

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Tattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: No

: She has bindi and a pair of gold and green earrings.

Lotus Flower 
About the Character

Personality: She is very friendly, very fun, intelligent, courageous, logical and very honest.

Favorites: Indian's food and go to new adventure

Least Favorites: Be alone and eating some food 

Hobbies/Interests: Reading the books in library, dancing Bollywood dance, go to the forest for explorating, lookout the others and the strangers, caring others and create fun with her friends

Phobias/Fears: Losing someone and her friends

: Not have

Mannerisms: She has Indian accent

Skills/Talents: She is great medic, is good to do strategic and she explains very well some things hard to explain others.

Best Qualities: She is very nice and pacifist (even though she kills walkers)

Worst Qualities: When things go wrong, she panics.

Morality/Ethics: She is Hindu

Goals/Motivations/Dreams: Being a doctor when she grows up and going to see her family again

Victim(s): Walkers

Lotus Flower The Character’s Relationship With Others 

: Her reputation is good and she is known as "The most mature and logical person I have ever met" by Violet.

Love Interest(s): Aasim

Friend(s): Clementine, AJ, Mitch, Willy, Ruby, Louis, Violet, Sophie, Minerva, Tennessee, Omar, Marlon and Ms.Martin

Enemy(ies): Delta (group of raiders)


Aasim: Best friend and love interest;

Clementine: Friend

AJ: Friend

Mitch: Friend

Willy: Friend

Ruby: Best friend

Louis: Close friend

Violet: Best friend

Sophie: Best Friend

Minerva: Best Friend

Tennessee: Close friend

Omar: Friend

Marlon: Friend

Ms.Martin: Her inspiration and mentor

Lotus Flower  The Character’s Abilities

Fighting Style
: She use arrow

Gear: Not have

Preferred Weapon(s): 8/10

Knowledge: 10/10

Conceptualization Power: 5/10

Motivation: 7/10

Will to Act: 7/10

Agility: 6/10

Swordsmanship: 0/10

Hand-to-Hand Combat: 2/10

Long Range Accuracy: 8/10

Offense: 9/10

Defense: 5/10

Social Skills: 8/10

Lotus Flower  The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information

Birthplace: Goa, India

Home: Georgetown, Kentucky in USA

: Madhu Bath (mother, unknown), Faiyaz Kale (father, unknown) and Tannu Bath (older sister, alive)

Familial Background: She and her sister are born in Goa, India. Haleema was only 6 years old when she moved to the USA with her family. In India, she has a large family, but only her parents and sister went to the USA because her father has a new job in Georgetown, Kentucky in USA.

Character Background: Tannu and Haleema are students on Ericson's Boarding School (for Troubled Youth), in West Virginia because her parents work so hard and far that they probably will not take good care of their daughters so they sent them to an boarding school. On school, she meets her best friend and her love interest, Aasim when she goes to the library for some research, she falls in love with him because his personality. She hurts herself when she was playing soccer, she went to the nurse and was delighted when the nurse did her job because she is very friendly to the kids and she makes every child smile back. Haleema told a nurse that she's going to be a doctor when she was grown up because she wants just like Ms.Martin. From there, Ms.Martin taught her medical things and then later Ms.Martin teaches Ruby also, so Haleema and Ruby become best friends. When the apocalypse began, her sister Tannu was visit the study and never returns to the school that makes Haleema very sad as is probably the last time she sees her sister. Haleema gets very depressed because probably her family is dead or become walkers, but Aasim said he has to follow life and have hope. Haleema cuts off her long hair to mean that she is a new person.

- This draw for art contest of youtube channel call SmackNpie.

I use blank template from :iconvisionarydame:

Can I ask you guys?

Do you think is a good idea for me make a video about my queens's theme song (each video is each age)?
Griselle Butterfly, The Detective
Mewni is in danger again because
is surrounded by crimes and mysteries
but were solved by Griselle, The Detective

Her name means grey battle

Her cheekmark is square and the color is screamin' green or light green

She is daughter of Aggie Butterfly and Leonardo Dupain

In her childhood, she likes solving mysteries and enigmas like her 45 degree great-grandmother, Rhina The Riddled and she likes drink tea with her friends.

At age 11, Griselle is first heir of Butterfly go to Dimensional School Of Princes and Princesses and she entered in House of Gravnogk.

On school, she became popular and until she mets a charming boy named Socrates Silvan what is prince and heir to the throne of the Silvan kingdom. They became best friends and even before Griselle's 14th birthday, Socrates asked her to date and of course she accepted.

2 months after her 14th birthday, Socrates was almost killed and Griselle left a head wound that let them go into coma. Griselle just left coma after 2 weeks, though Socrates remains in a coma due to the state he was in. She prayed every day that he lefts coma and wakes up.

3 months later, Socrates lefts coma and with different personality. He does not remember Griselle as her girlfriend and he has the personality of an intelligent and arrogant person like Sherlock Holmes. Griselle was very sad and began to investigate who will be his aggressor or killer.

On school, started rumors that Socrates is dating with Irene Helvet, at first Griselle did not believes this rumor until she saw Socrates kissing with Irene, that makes Griselle very sad and did not want to talk to anyone on this subject.

At age 15, she created a detective club and Socrates was first to enter the club and he wanted as a detective, but she wanted to be a detective. Unfortunately, she got his assistant's role makes that mades she getting angry, but she has no choice.

Their first mystery is 5 people are missing and Socrates and Griselle receive a letter that they have solve 3 mysteries and get the answers on location that these 5 people are in within 24 hours otherwise they will be killed. They can solve 3 mysteries and when they arrive at the place. Griselle knows the villain because he is most wanted by the Heroes of Mewni. Socrates fought sword with villain though Griselle used spells for people to escape that they were trapped in a stone and foamy thing. When the villain was defeated, people declare Socrates as a hero. This makes Griselle feel very envious and sad because she thinks she will be just his useless assistant.

Griselle announced to her people of Mewni and her family that is about her plan: to "kidnap" all people, to leave 3 mysteries to Socrates like villain formerly did, he solve each mystery to receive a clue about the location that people are and have save the people within 24 hours otherwise they will "die." Everyone agreed on the idea, Princess Irene Helvet also agreed this the idea because 2 months of dating, Irene breaks up with him (because Socrates was arrogant to Irene) and Irene wants Socrates needs knows that Griselle is not useless. Griselle was very shocked and happy same time.

For her plan be perfct, she hired two "reliable" men, but Dipper who is Griselle's younger brother not like them much because they look suspicious.

Socrates and Dipper received a left like villian did before, they go after the mysteries and receive the clues. The plan is running as planned, but the plan did not end so well because people are actually kidnapped by the villain who is actually alive! Everyone is shocked, especially Griselle. The villain said hired two men to spy on Griselle, she was speechless and Dipper already knew that these two did not quite trust.

Socrates blames Griselle for everything that happened and she slapped him. "You're responsible because you thinks that my sister is useless, but she's not! She's fantastic and you're not like her when first time that she met you!" Dipper told Socrates. Socrates was very confused when Dipper said he was not when Griselle when he first met her.

Socrates battles with villain though Griselle in Butterfly form saves the people and family of Griselle and Dipper. "I leave you dead like before I did, Socrates!", the villain told to Socrates, that the memories and personality of Socrates returned to normal and he remembers that was the villain who tried to kill him. Griselle got very angry and cast a spell called "Green Ice" that froze him.

Socrates, Griselle and Dipper are considered heroes by people of Mewni and by royal family of Butterfly kingdom. Socrates asks apologizes to Griselle for the past two years and Griselle kissed him as a way of accepting the apologies.

Some police officers of Heroes of Mewni asked Griselle to enter on Heroes of Mewni as a detective and of course she accepted.

At age 19, she was crowned as queen of Mewni.

She married with Socrates Silvan and have 3 children: Cebba, Alexander and Joy.

- Her story is inspired by animated movie called "Sherlock Gnomes"
- I don't have name for villian, so you have idea for villian's name, write comment to I know.
- The villian is free for ice prison and he goes to prison due for his crimes.

Silvan kingdom and Helvet kingdom belongs to :iconjgss0109:
I got tagged by: :iconlovesvtfoe:

1.Post these rules
2.Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other people: post their avatars or usernames & write their oc’s names next to them

8 facts about Afonso Butterfly:

1. He is the first Star King;
2. He is first half-mewman and half-moonshadow elf in Mewni's history;
3. He entered House of Warnicorn in Dimensional School of Princes and Princesses;
4. He likes sword fighting and walking warnicorns;
5. He declared war because of terrorists who are attacking kingdoms and abducting children to make soldiers;
She is first king to marry with girl that is princess of other kingdom;
7. Her favourite queens are Solaria, Moon, Star, Louisa and her mother, Sophie;
8. Her favourite food is baked buffalo wings.


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Beatriz Silva Santos
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi! My name is Beatriz but can call Bia. I'm portuguese and i'm 19 years old. Like animation films and cartoons.


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