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Lord Richard Rahl

Since the black robes looked so good on Darken, I just had to try it with Richard too ;)

Also, I wanna thank my Braintwin ~ConfessorLove for finding this screencap for me :D
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so cool and cute




who is ep?(from)

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Thank you :)

I'm sorry, I made this so long ago that I can't remember which episode it was... but I think it may have been "Resurrection"
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Your welcome



Really?Okay I understand...

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This is soooo GOOD!!! It looks really amazing! =D=D=D Hmm... maybe we should send the production team a few hints for season 3? =D
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Thank you :glomp:
And yes we should lol
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I must say, he does look Mighty Fine! *yum*
OMG <3<3 Give me that!
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OMG ur so greedy! You can't have him AND Darken! You have to choose between them!
I wanna have both! *Richard/Be/Darken-sammich oh good iz ded* But I'll choose Darken if i really have too ... *Richard/Adel/Darken-sammich ... OMG*
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LMSAO. Oh mann. *ewwwwwwwwwww not with Adel. ewwwww*
LULZ! No not with Adel, I were just thinking since Berdine and Richard isn't going to well together, they def would -never- sex each other. With or without Darken :P
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