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Small Update

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 12, 2015, 6:51 AM

This is way over due but I noticed I have over 250 watchers now. Thanks a bunch to everyone who added me to their watch list. ♥

Not much going on here, good news is that I haven't been thrown back into the hospital in the past few months. That is a step up on my health. Bad news is I'm progressing with new symptoms that they can't pin point the cause yet. This is making cosplay almost non-existent for me right now. I'm optimistic though because I know some of the pain is because of some of my low levels so - hopefully - when they get adjusted I will be hurting less and can get back on that cosplay horse. haha Also, I'm allergic to wheat - did the test three times to be sure. Biggest bummer ever. I love things with wheat in it! *cries*

Yuuki Kuran cosplay is done and ready for a photo shoot, I even have Artemis. Once I've got more energy I will get that planned and try to find a photographer. My sister has been so busy this year with her teacher duties so she hardly has time in between making lesson plans. Bah! I miss the old days when I was healthier and no one had a job - haha!

Christmas time is coming up. I already want to decorate but I'm trying to wait until after Thanksgiving. STAHP MEH! lol

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November 12, 2015