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1. What color are your kitchen plates?-->blancus..pero cuando me compre mi propia casa quiero una vajilla azul celeste toda ella

2. What book are you reading now?-->Derecho del Trabajo,te interesa? xDD

3. What is on your mouse pad?-->tabletaprestibidigitalizadoraxDDD

4. Favorite board game?--->juego de mesa?el monopolis xD o la baraja de cartas

5. Least favorite smells?-->el de las chuches AZKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

6. What is the first thing you think of in the morning?--->antes en luis,ahora en mi pato piyopiyo

7. Favorite color? azul celeste

8. Least favorite color? fucsia

9. How many rings until you answer the phone?-->pufff,hay veces q ni lo cojo xD

10. FUTURE CHILD'S NAME:Seifer?Yuna?PIYO PIYO?(piyo piyo ya es mi hijo,encima de padres divorciados xD)

11. Chocolate or Vanilla?---->Vainilla <3

12. Do you like to drive fast?--->un pokiko...pero maas m gusta insultar a los idiotas al volante

13. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?--->peluche estofado?

14. Do you like thunderstorms?--->weeeno...

15. What was your first car?-->el AX ese viejo q derrapa.

16. What is your sign?--->Libra www.sheezyart.com/view/480577/

17. Do you eat the stems of broccoli?--->Noooo,azkoo

18. If you could have any job what would it be?--->lawyer

19. If you could have any color hair what would it be?--->rubio,m gusta mi color de pelo

20. Is the glass half full or half empty?--->nah,vacio del todo pq tenia pepsi y me la he bebido

21. What is your favorite movie?--->"Deep Blue Sea", "Constantine", "Xmen series",
"Daredevil", "FF:spirits within","FFAC", "Hercules", "Kill Bill v1 and 2",
"Resident evil the movie", "RE apocalipse", "Underworld",
"Pulp Fiction", "matrix","LOTR""pirates of the caribbean""moulin rouge""the desdent"

22. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?--->Si,absurdo si...I do not type with the elbows

23. What's under your bed?--->el mostruo de las galletas y tb me gustaria tener un ratoncito

24. What is your favorite number?-->9

25. Favorite sports to watch?--->Patinaje sobre hielo y saltos de trampolin

26. Your single biggest intense pain?--->los papilomas?

27. Person most likely to respond?--->las no vagas

28. Person you sent this to who is least likely to respond?--->las personas vagas

29. Ketchup or mustard?--->Ketchup

31. Hamburger or hot dog?--->pizza

32. Favorite season?---->primavera y otoño

33. The best place you have ever been?--->el monasterio de piedra

34. What is your screen saver?--->mu uso xD pero wallpapers si,los mios xP

35. What is your favorite fast food place?--->Burger King

36.What is your favorite breed of Dog?--->los de peluche

37. Your nicknames?--->Mistique fue mi primero (no,miento,mi primero fue mi nombre al reves xDDD),y luego este,q ha tenido evolucion...de Yuna S a S.Yuna xDD

38. Have you ever been kissed by the opposite gender?--->Si

39. What annoys you the most?--->los capullos

40. What's your crushes name?--->No sabe/no responde.

41. What's your best friend's name?--->Boo.

42. Which celebrity annoys you the most?--->Ahora no caigo,pero habrá alguien...AH SIII...LA GILMORE!!!odio a la niñata gilmore,q tb sale de PUT4 en sin city...p*ta estupidaa!!!

43. What type of music do you dislike the most?--->ninguna...weno,si,el reaggeton sexista...q no somos cosas las mujeres eh?

45. What is currently on your wrist?-->dos coleteros pa hacerme burbuja en dos minutos xD

46. What song describes you? --->Actualmente soy "No" de shakira

47. What would you do if you had 24 hours to live?--->disfrutaría al máximo

48. If you were a character in the View Askewniverse, who would you be?--->Uh?no capto

49. If you could be any kind of nut, what would you be?--->Almendra?xDDD

50. Who would you vote for TOTAL DICTATORSHIP?--->Enga...

51. Do you want Adult Swim to bring Case Closed back?--->¿?

52. Do you think that the "pink is pimp" is just a fad?--->weeeno...esq este tema -ajem fucsia fursia atJEEEM- no m va mucho

53. If you could have some sort of super-natural power, what would it be?--->Todos los disponibles xD

54. Have you ever read/written a webcomic?--->si/un intento

55. What's your favorite art-related computer program?--->Photoshop 7

56. If you could be a bug, what bug would you be?--->Mariposa como mi primi

57. About schoolwork...are you the last minute kind of person, working right up till 4am to get an assignment done, or are you the good little student who starts it the day you get it?--->soy una vaga...eso es genuino xD

58.Who's the closest person to you? Like the person who knows you backwards inside out and front ways...--->mi ingles no llega a ese nivel xD

59.Are you satisfied with your life??--->Si

60. What song are you listening to right now, if any?--->Passion - KHII ending version

61. If you knew the secret of immortality, would you go for it?--->Yeeeep

62. If you had one wish what would it be?--->tener un Seifer xD

63. What are you thinking right now about these questions?--->Que se acabe ya

64. You more reserved romantically, or very excitable, free willed, with an open mind.--->Uh?no he pillao lo de dree willed(gratis el q?) pero el resto si xD

65. Are you atheist, agnostic or religious and if so, what religion and why?-->Catolica

66. Do you like sushi? -->No.Esta crudo.No gutta.

67. Are you an outdoorsy, nature person or would you rather stay inside and watch TV?--->Uhm,segun el dia

68. Have you ever been kissed by the same gender?-->Siii,por mi mami,q me mima mucho
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- Aun me acuerdo de tods los que me deben dibujos etc
Bicha,cao,Ela,primi-pinta-ese-dante-mio-ia etc

-Aun tengo pendiente un DDR con primi Kori pa subir el nivel en lo de Castellon

- +4k en sheezyart yuhuu

-Busco de 2ª mano esto miarroba.com/foros/ver.php?for…

-Tengo el record de visitas en un wallpaper de Xenosaga...352 views


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Que conste en acta que ya hice el dibujo..tarde pero lo hice XDDDD
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XDDDDDD Pos Albichu va por Valencia bastante mas que yo, que lo sepas Xd