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Painting Fur Tutorial

By Singarl
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As promised in a poll I made some time ago, here is a tutorial of my painterly style!
I used Photoshop and my Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet for this but it should work in any program with layers and with any tablet with pen pressure x)
I hope this is helpful! Feel free to ask questions!

Finished Painting:
Fuchs Commission by Singarl
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this was an absolute lifesaver 
SwiftLightening75's avatar
Wow I love the technique you used, You made it look so realistically soft and smooth. 
Thank you so much for tips. 
Singarl's avatar
thank you so much! <3
SmashGamer16's avatar
Now, that's cute!
Ph0en1xx's avatar
Really useful! Thanks :) 
Singarl's avatar
I'm happy it is of use! :D
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this looks really helpful :) i struggel a lot with coloring things, i don't know, lines are often enough okay, but since i can't color well, i also don't upload those lines xD
thanks for sharing :D
Kazi-chan1's avatar
nice! i guys I've been doing it wrong, thank you for this tutorial :)
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there is no right or wrong, but it's the way I like to do it!
Happy it helps!
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Very usefull thanks you! 
Singarl's avatar
I'm happy it's of use! You're welcome!
thanks for the watche and faves as well :)
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thanks you so much for this tutorial :) it really helped<3 beautiful drawing too!! :D 
Singarl's avatar
I'm happy it was helpful! :)
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What tool do you use to blend?
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just used a normal brush with softer edges and the colour picker tool :)
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Thank you! I made this with your tutorial: You are so awesome! Squeeee!
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it came out wonderful!
I'm glad my tutorial helped! :3
Augusata's avatar
It definitely did! :D
SkunkyKitty662's avatar
Me: *finishes flatcolor and adds a few other things* DONE!
... :d
CheshireCat606's avatar
This was soo helpful ^^ I've always had trouble with shading and fur, and this helped a lot. Thanks for taking the time to do this :D
Singarl's avatar
I'm glad it helped!
I saw your drawing, I think it's very beautiful :)
CheshireCat606's avatar
:squee: Glad you think so :D
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