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Hi all!


#CommentRatio is a group dedicated to the art of commenting. We believe in a balanced trade of comments, that is to say, if you receive a comment, you have to comment on someone else's deviation. Because, what goes around comes around!

The rules in the group are governed by a simple thing called as the CommentRatio and is given by,

CommentRatio = (No. of comments given)/(No. of comment received)

We also believe in a healthy participation in the group hence, the ratio you have at the end of the month gets you a band, a white band or a black band. Accumulation of 3 or more bands is liable for the member to be kicked out of the group, and well, bands cancel each other out! For more details please read our blog at here .

Every month this news article will showcase the deviants whose ratio is greater than one in the last month. This time around we have quite a few dedicated deviants who have participated in the group with utmost gusto.




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Red squirrel VI by Bozack Ladybug IV by Bozack
Fragile by Bozack Rose pearls II by Bozack


...Cool but rude by C-RICH ...Party dude by C-RICH
...Does machines by C-RICH Group Pic 2 by C-RICH


Sunday afternoon by greenflavoured I started writing this morning        I started writing this morning and haven't stopped yet. I don't know if I can stop. The pen keeps leaving marks on the white paper against my own will. Words simply come to me. And I write them all. It's no good to mess with words. If they get mad at you, they might leave. And might never come back. It's just that my hand hurts. My head, too. I haven't eaten anything since yesterday and my stomach growls, anxiously waiting. It makes a lot of noise, asking for his rights to be respected. My eyes, my feet, my whole body wants to oppose this demon which possesses me now. This ghost which haunts me.
        But it's impossible. It will not stop unless his story is over. And, honestly, I feel like I'm still sketching the first chapter. My mother called me to dinner. She is worried about me, just like everyone else. I lied. Some bullshit about eating a lot of sweets and not being hungry. She left. But who

To the right by greenflavoured Greenhouse by greenflavoured


Sunset at the Bay by Leaving-My-Mark Peeking Through by Leaving-My-Mark
:thumb172886970: Hertford Bridge by Leaving-My-Mark


Thnks for staying till the endIn this race of life, I see you smile,
As you walk always one step behind,
In order to catch me, if I falter.
When I start to run, you do too,
But at the same time, whisper,
Words of caution in my ears.
On every turn, and every twist,
You are there by my side,
You prod me on when I slow down,
Push me harder on the steep slopes,
You never tire, never breathe fire,
You always speak as for the first time.
On this day, all I have to say is,
Thank you, my dearest friend,
For staying with me till the end.
A Well Trodden PathI walk on this path of life,
But I'm not alone, for many walk with me,
On this well beaten path.
Time to time I see, one change his way,
And go into the bushes by the side,
They leave, beat their own path,
But they are few and far in between,
I envy them, their courage and resolve,
Knowing not what lies ahead they swing hard.
But I don't have the courage to do so.
Maybe later I would, and then leave,
This well-trodden path, upon which many walk.

Ghost Train"I really don't believe in ghosts", I said, as I looked out the window. Shaking his head, my friend Manish said ruefully, "You know that you just walk with your eyes closed, don't you? Have you ever seen air, or seen a word striking the heart, so much so the heart bleeds itself to death? Does that mean these things don't exist? There is something out there that is way outside our thinking but all the same, it is there. You can always feel its presence; feel the shake in the air around you but you may never see it. Anyway I don't like the sound of the word 'ghost'. That sounds like something that is bad. I hope you have heard of 'Atma'? You must have. There is this Atma inside all of us, which in fact is connected to the Supreme Being. Our bodies are nothing, but a covering a hide that it has to wear. After we die, the Atma inside is free from this earthly guise, and free to go back, back to whence it came. Sometimes, the death occurs far before the Gods ordained it I have HopeI have Hope, something that keeps me going,
Something that helps me over that speedbreaker,
One thing that makes me see light at the end of the tunnel,
Hope is all that I need to be brave,
To fight the engulfing problems with a firm hand,
To hold on to the fast escaping breath of this old flesh.
I need to have the poor man's gold, Hope,
In the eerie coldness in this passage of life, to keep me hot,
In the periods with Sun, give me the much desired shade.
Empty air flows amongst these bare hands,
Those roughened by the labors with a single goal, Happiness,
But, I have Hope, something that keeps me going.

Come, be a part of this! Join us at #CommentRatio.
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