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cyber brushes

I've got a thing for cyberish things & circuitry and figured i'd make some brushes for everyone to enjoy.
26 brushes, made in photoshop 7.0

Please plus fav if you like them or use them.
Let people know these brushes exsist!
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I'll throw these into a UI I'm building and see how they fit!

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Someday I will have to make a new and improved one. These were made 15 years ago!

Thank you so much! You are my savior! This is exactly what I was looking for!

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Cool, these will be great for some character sheets I'm designing. Here's a llama Daft llama

Thanks! These brushes are great!

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Lovely! Definitely made stuff for me easier!
Thanks, so cool!
Thanks, great brushes
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Great work, many thanks :)
beautiful! thanks a lot
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Just what I was looking for.  Thanks will sure come in handy.

Used these for a banner page in Google+ 

Worked really well for my Shadowrun group! :)
Thanks for some great brushes
Thank you for making these available for us to use! Very cool set!
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Thanks. Used it here:
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thank you for always making things and keeping them points free.
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Awesome looking brushes. Thank you.
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brilliant work ^^ thanks
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