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So right now my Deviant Art is going to be changed and going to get away from SL for good, I'm an artist irl and I do write I need to get back to that and get away from cheap pics of a chat site. Going to take me time to get back to it and need the time to get back to doing REAL art, so give me time and you'll see my REAL art which I'd rather display here.

Was late in the Afternoon i'm about finishing the last of my chores around the house dresses head too toe in my frilly sissy maid uniform, duster in hand making sure the house is spotless for Mistress before She gets home from work. As i'm about working i hear a knock at the door i stop what i'm doing even though i'm dressed frilly and very girlie i answer the door seeing a delivery man with a package for Mistress, the delivery man of course tries to be serious but can tell he wants to laugh i bite my tongue and behave myself "asking how can i help you?" He holds out the clip board with a paper for me too sign saying the package had been delivered, i sign it and take the package into the house mincing my way to Mistress bedroom setting the package on Her bed. i hear the door open and hear Mistress voice call out "my pretty whore where home" i smile knowing my two favorite people had gotten home, i smile and straighten my frilly dress and hurry too greet them i smiles and curties too Her saying ever sweetly "welcome home Mistress" Mistress of course goes aww and kisses me on my lips i take Her coat and hang it up on the coat rack. after hanging the Her coat up i tell Mistress "Mistress You had a packaged delivered today" as i smile standing perfectly straight hands in my lap being Her perfect lil doll, She grins and says with a smirk on Her lips "oh did I now" my blue eyes gaze up at Her seeing the smirk and Her laughing. as She tells me "we're going to have some fun tonight lil whore" giggling knowing alot more then me from what i can tell as i look on curiously and confused. Mistress grips my o ring on my collar and pulls me with Her too Her bedroom, i follow behind Her mincing lil steps still confused and wondering what Mistress is planning. As we both enter She tells me "close the door whore I've got a supprise for You" i do as told and close the door, She smiles with and evil grin She reaches under my frills and swats my ass i fight back any moans or whimpers trying too be quiet as Mistress has tought me. She walks over too the bed and sits down pointing too the floor beside her feet telling me "down whore", i do as Mistress commands and kneel at Her feet as She pulls out a knife tracing it over my bare chest i squirm and shiver feeling the cold steel on my skin. She stops steals another kiss from Her property and goes to cutting the box open pulling out the paper filling the box then pulls out two outfits and other items, one outfit She holds up is purple and see through rubber with matching purple corset stockings and gloves and purple heels saying "no panties for You just the fit and Your cage on a leash for the party tonight my lil whore" my jaw drops as i blush and squirm unable too get all of my thoughts only too say "yes Mistress". She smirks knowing my beside myself and knowing i can't wait too wear it for Her, She then goes and shows me what She will be wearing tight button up blush with Mistress chest barely fitting, short short skirt and her mud stomper boots She says with a grin "got too have these incase my whore gets out of line" She giggles as i give Her the pouty face saying the one word i keep forgetting not allowed too say "but". She looks at me sternly looking at me in my eyes gripping my face "want too wear a gag all night, Hmmm mite make You do that anyways yes i think i will" She says with evil grin then slaps me on the face.

Mistress leans in and kisses my lips with a smirk on Her lips She smiles "now before that we going to have little movie night before going out" i smile and bounce all happy to hang out with Mistress and watch fun movie "Yes Mistress" i say with excitment and big smile on my face. Mistress smiles and giggles looking at me trying to have a straight face "now go see what we can watch then come too the kitchen and help Mistress with dinner" She looks again ever so sternly saying "do not get suck into playing games or whatever, understand my whore??" i quickly nod my head and answer quickly "yes Mistress i'll be right out to help i promise" She nods Her head "good whore, now get going while i change, but be QUICK". i nod my head speaking clearly for Mistress when i answer saying "yes Mistress right away Mistress" quickly rising too my sissy heels i curties ever respectful too Her and mince off to the main room too find a movie for us both too watch, i glance through all the movies we have finding one fun for us both smiles and bounces and hurry's out of the living room trying to hurry too the kitchen to help Mistress with dinner before She is cross with Her sissy doll. I smile feeling Happy to have fun night with Mistress with movie and naughty play date, smile going across my lips squirming in my sissy dress bouncing with each step i take. i walk into the kitchen Mistress tries hard too give me a stern look saying "what took so long my doll?" i stop in mid stride and lowered my head saying "sorry Mistress i was making sure was movie we wanted too watch i'm sorry" She looks away trying too fight back laughter and busts up laughing unable too hold a straight face any longer, i make the Heeeeyyyy face to Mistress knowing She was picking on me She glances back at me sticks Her tongue out and giggles "now get over and helps with din din so can relax and watch movie" i smile and nod hurrying too Mistress side too help with dinner. Mistress smiles at me and bumps into me and i bump back into Her as we giggle and start working on food for dinner, as we finish with dinner Mistress leans over kisses my cheek and tells me "go get cleaned up for dinner and movie night and those hands better be clean or your night going to be very bad little doll" i nod my head and hurry too the bathroom to clean my hands washing them ever so clean and drying them off, i exit the bathroom and heads too the kitchen to start grabbing food for Mistress and me bouncing saying "Yay movie time! and din din ready" i mince out the room heading to the kitchen grabbing tables for Mistress and i's din din as Mistress sit on the couch hands Her a tray smiling as i head back into the kitchen hands flared out and ever dainty heading in and picking up both of are plates and mince out leaving the kitchen taking the plates too Mistress and i plates setting them on the trays smiling. Mistress glances up and smiles "i got the movie already in doll go get your plate and come sit and eats silly butt" i smile and nod my head "yes Mistress", i turn and head back into the kitchen grabbing another tray and my plate hurrying back too the living room and sitting between them with my food as we watch and eat dinner.

As we all finish eating and start winding and finishing are movie we relax and snuggle together cuddling under a blanket As the movie ends and the credits roll Mistress says "okay it's time for us to start getting ready for the party" i glance over giggling i nod my head and rise up off the couch out from under the blanket, picking up the blanket i fold it up nice and straight and put it back on the back of the couch and mince off to are bedroom stripping down to almost nothing. She comes in entering the room i'm half dressed Mistress slaps my ass i jump and let little moan escape my lips "Mmmm better be ready for this little whore" Mistress says in a smirking voice, i nod my head ever blushing deep red in the face. Mistress goes into the bathroom and gets ready slipping Her outfit on walks out of the bathroom over too me having the stockings on and dress Mistress asks me to zip Her up on the skirt, As i finish zippering Her up Mistress reaches around and grips Her caged property tugging on it making me squirm and squeal clenching my legs tight. Mistress tugs on it little more saying "this sissy cock belong too me and going to behave tonight?", i nod my head fast moaning and whimpering as quietly as i can chewing my lip. You smirk and grin "good because Mistress going too have something special for Her sissy whore when we get home" pulling me in for a deep and forceful kiss i moan into Her lips panting heavily ever so excited for Her. After we break from the kiss Mistress hands me the purple see through dress telling me to put it on, i of course blush and look at myself asking Mistress "can i wear something else Mistress this shows everything" She looks at me with a stern look saying "no my little whore your wearing that because that is what I WANT understand?" i of course nod my head turning ever red in the face slipping the dress on knowing it hides nothing including my over weight tummy. Mistress of course knows why i didn't want to wear it and after zipping me up in the dress puts a latex corset on my waist and tightens it down, i gasp as She tightens it more and more making me suck in as much as i can before tieing it off. Mistress runs Her hands over my now covered latex body reaching under the dress gripping Her property tugging on it making me squeal and whimper, chewing my lip blushing at Her a deep red. Mistress grins and pushes me down on the bed and asks for my feet i nod my head and raise one leg at a time as Mistress puts these very tall almost slutty looking black heels, as Mistress straps each one down i take Her hand and slowly stand ever so dainty and sissy like my chest very pushed out do to the corset feeling very much like Her sissy whore.

As Mistress kisses me again ever deeply and pushing her body against mine the door bell rings She clips my leash to my caged cock and leads me to the living room to answer the door making me do it in my outfit, i plead and beg not to but Mistress gives me the stern look and i mince to the door answering it seeing Miss i blush and of course curties to Miss as She of course slaps my ass as She walks in making me moan and let out a little whimper feeling the stinging slap. Miss walks over and hugs Mistress saying how cute and sexy we looked Mistress yanks my caged cock my the leash making me walk over to them both showing me off to Miss. i blush as Mistress shows me off to Miss Mistress asking me to turn for Miss i do as told and turn showing Miss my outfit for the night "ever sexy lil whore, thinks your Mistress going to have fun showing you off" i nod my head and turn ever red since i can't hide anything in the fit. Mistress yanks on my leash i let out a whimper "come on whore time for the party" i moan and nod my head replying "yes my Mistress" we walk out the door hearing Miss saying "have fun you two". i close the door behind us as we walk to Mistress car i mince behind Her but stops at the passengers door as she opens it and tells me to get in now, i slide into the car and sit down she ties the leash to the door but ever tightly so when it's open it pulls on Her property. But also puts cuffs on my wrists and ankles then locking them all and chaining them together till we get to the party, but just when i think Mistress is done She shoves a gag in my mouth and locks it in place patting my on the head saying "now i will let you out when we get to the party but only a FEW things my little whore, i know how you love being helpless for me" i mumble and drool little as Mistress closes the door to the car i squirm a little feeling the relief from the tugging on the leash to my cage being loosen when Mistress closes my door. As Mistress walks around to the other side of the car i watch Her pull another item out of Her bag of goodies, i chew on the gag squirming in the way She has me in the car, Mistress climbs in saying "know what think you can wait to find out where we are going my little whore" giggling as She blindfolds me, i hear Her start the car and feel it go into drive and start to pull out of the drive way. As we drive along i can feel Mistress hands caressing me face softly i moan and purr for Her but feel us stop and pull into park, Mistress pulls my blindfold off i see home of one of Mistress friends and start to relax knowing i am safe here. Mistress smiles at me and caresses my face "see nothing to worry about my little whore" i nod my head agreeing with Her as Mistress gets out of the car walking around to my side watching Her ever gorgeous body coming to let me out of the car, i feel Her open the door pulling on my leash i cry out through the gag feeling it pull on my cage whimpering. Mistress undoes the leash from the door and unlocks my ankles but keeps my wrist cuffed helping my out of the car, Mistress takes my leash in hand and leads me inside. Even though i know the persons home i am still embraced by my outfit and squirming as Mistress pulls me along behind Her, drool leaves my gagged mouth as She knocks on the door Mistress smiles at me kissing my gagged mouth as the door opens i see Sir and His subby standing there ever happy to see us. They talk and smile and joke as we enter the home the place is jumping and almost full of people from the community, i blush Sir swats my ass as i come in welcoming me as Mistress giggles i hear Him say "had to gag him and cuff him did You" Mistress laughs as She says "no but was more fun this way" i hear Sir's sub giggling behind her own gagged mouth i make silly faces at her then feel Mistress yank on my leash making me whimper and moan at the yank.

As Mistress leads me around meeting people seeing old friends a few teasing me all bound and gagged before them, teasing my bare bottom and my lil sissy hole as Mistress keeps me close my my cock lease not letting me wonder off away from Her. As the night wines down and everyone starts to leave just when i think me and Mistress are going to be headed home Mistress takes me to the bedroom of Sir and His sub and bends me over the bed unlocking my wrists then chaining them to each post drool pouring from my gagged mouth bent over my bare ass exposed to Mistress as i feel Her slap it ever so hard, whimpers out tugging on the chains a little as i feel Mistress spread my legs apart chaining them in place glancing back at Mistress then seeing Sir and His sub walk in. Sir puts his sub on the bed in front of me pushing my face into between her legs, Mistress takes my gag off i thank Her but only to have a dildo gag shoved in my face and locked in then pushes it into her pussy and tieing my face to her waist and the dildo deep inside her. As Mistress ties me in to her pussy her Sir binds her wrists to the bed forcing her down on the bed unable to move, Mistress puts Her strapon on as Sir climbs on the bed nude sliding his cock into His sub's mouth as Mistress pushes the strapon deep into my ass slowly starting to fuck my sissy hole. Every time Mistress pushes the strapon into me i push the dildo deep in the sub girl and her mouth goes deeper on Sir's cock, back and forth getting fucked in the ass faster and faster as i fuck her with the dildo as she sucks her Sir's cock. This went on for what seemed like hours my mind in such subspace i didn't know which way was up let alone what to think, i hear Mistress rocking her hips fucking my sissy hole with out mercy making me fuck the sub girl harder with my mouth her in turn being made to suck her Sir's cock faster. i pant and moan and squirm in the binds muffled screams escaping my gagged dildo mouth as we all get closer and closer to cumming Mistress stops shoves a vibrating plug in my ass and turns it up on high as Her and Sir start to have fun, i moan and pant heavily squirming ever so much pushing the dildo in the sub girls pussy as Mistress and Sir start to fuck me and the sub girl start to moan en try to beg to cum for are Dominates. But are words are heard but ingored as they fuck and fuck making us both hold it longer and longer, as Mistress and Sir start to both cum they give me and Sir's subby permission to cum for them, after holding it for so long we both explode cumming so hard me on the floor and her on my face. i breathe heavily from the finally being able to cum me and the girl squirm in the binds panting struggling to get out of are predicament, Mistress and Sir giggle watching us both then start to unchain us both but making us keep are gags and items in us but snuggling us both in bed. ever worn out me and the sub girl pass out in are Dominates arms falling asleep all together in the bed..

The End


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Under Loving Consideration of Mistress Firefly She is someone this sissy girl has meet in real and is falling for hard, and is working her way into Her loving embrace. If You have issues with this girl You deal with this one's Mistress and soon to be Owner, Mistress is the best and the one girl belong's with Always and Forever...❤❤❤❤


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