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Hey I forgot about Artslam.  Where is it?  Did I miss the sign up?  Are my slam buddies still around?
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I'm all caught up with DA now!
I've gone through everyone's art, caught up on webcomics, and got around to uploading some of my stuff from the past year.
I think I'm ready to be an artist again.

I'm working on a really big piece right now for a gallery.  One of the problems with big stuff is frames.  Frames seem to come in two styles - really tacky and cheap, or terribly expensive.  Recently I've just been going to pawn shops and buying someone's framed jigsaw puzzle, or crappy old poster, and throwing the content away and keeping the frame.  But then you never know what size you're going to get.  Last year I managed to find some Disney stand-up frame in a toy store for cheap, and I just threw away the stand and scratched off the Disney logo...  Why can't there be less expensive ones?

Anyway, thanks for sticking around.  If you know any good webcomics I might try reading, let me know.  It's become a nightly routine before bed. . .

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I'm coming back. . .
I went on to DA after a year, there are over 1,000 things to look through.
Am I even an artist anymore?  I started wondering about that, took up a pencil again, it's not all lost!
I think I will start uploading things here again.
Thanks for sticking with me.

- Jennifer
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For those of you interested in Japan, or pretty scenery, I've put up a calendar for sale:
2016 Calendar by AntiRetrovirus

If you're interested in my life, or Japan, here is my blog:



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Got tagged by :iconlaitma:

1.  How many stories do you have?  Have you been working on them long, do you find yourself dropping older ones to work on newer ones?

I like to kill off stories and just work on one, because I tend to get overwhelmed and I really don't have a lot of free time.  But I have a list of backburner things in mind...  I also hate dropping things, I feel really guilty about them.  So I tend not to put energy into things that I think might get dropped.  But, like my Two Moons comic, there are some stories I tend to muse over from time to time and consider going back to.

2.  Do you think there's such a thing as too many OCs?

That's like saying is there a such thing as being too creative.. Uhh no?  I mean it's the brain going "what if!? what if?!"  That's always a good thing.  Being curious about other mentalities, looking at things from new perspectives, thinking about people who represent something we want to show to the world...

3.  What's your ideal format for your stories?  Comic?  Movie (live-action)?  Animation?  Novel?  Visual Novel?

I like writing.  Drawing comics is a lot faster, though, to get those visuals out there.  Sometimes I think of a story happening like a movie, but I know I can't make movies, so if I can't fit it into a medium I can do, I just drop it.  Sometimes when I listen to music, I imagine scenes playing out in my head that will never be realized because they don't fit into a medium I can do myself.

4.  What's a good comic you've read lately?  What's it about?

Aah the only ones I've read lately are webcomics...  :iconcbwebb: 's Hanged Man and :iconsquidlifecrisis: 's Unus de Caelo.
I tend to read tons of biographies and autobiographies and not so much comics...

5.  Ok, dishing time, what's something that you see other artists do that bothers you, a general thing, not naming names haha

It bothers me when people say "I can't draw" or "I'm not good enough."  It bothers me when people use this like some kind of compliment.  Like somehow me being better at drawing than another person is supposed to make me feel good about myself?  Noway, it makes me feel like crap.  It makes me feel guilty for being able to draw.  If my art being better than yours makes you say things like that, then I just want to hide it all away.  It's like saying, "If you didn't exist, I would have tried, but.. well..."

When I see someone better than me saying, "I can't draw" or "I'm not good enough" it sorta makes me angry.  Like if you're not good enough, what about all us people below you?  Are you so high and mighty that you can draw the "not good" line all the way up there, where we will never be able to reach, and ruin all our dreams??

It bothers me when people who don't draw say, "I'm not good enough."  Because they didn't even try. That's like me saying "I'm not a flute player because I'm not good at playing the flute."  I mean I've never even touched a flute in my life, of course I'm not good at it!!  It's not like drawing comes naturally.  Drawing comes through years of practice and hard work, sweat and frustration....  I hope these people don't think I was born with a pencil in my hand, because I wasn't.  I had to decide to work at it.  It's not that these people who say this can't draw, it's that they DON'T draw.  And I wonder if they realize that difference.

And finally it bothers me that some people can't tell the difference between "It's not good enough" and "I don't have any confidence."  When we draw something, we see flaws in it.  No one picks up their work and goes, "Oh hell yeah I am a genius, this is perfect!"  We are always thinking about how to make it better next time, what's different between what's on the paper and what's in our head, and comparing ourselves to people who are better.  The voice of critique in our head is what motivates us to improve ourselves, whether its art, sports, your business. . .  I'm willing to bet every single person here on DA has felt that sense of, "I wish I'd done better."  So we're all in the same boat here.  Only some of us are willing to post that picture anyway, and some of us aren't, and some of us get overwhelmed by that perfectionist feeling and drop out of art altogether.  The feeling has nothing to do with talent, it's about one's personal confidence, social ability, one's sensitivity to guilt, things like that.  Not about skill.  Ever.

Did I answer that question right?  If you're talking about art itself....
The thing that I find that really makes or breaks a picture is - layout.  I will not notice how terrible someone's art is at all if the layout is good.  And second, shadows.  When people or landscapes have no concrete shadows on sunny days, it sorta weirds me out.

6.  Favorite fruit?

Kiwi.  They're sour, but sweet, and you can pull off the skin so you don't get any pesticide residue.

7.  Are you the type of person to try out a new food when you order at a restaurant/cafe/store, or the type to go back to the same staples you love best?

New things new things new things!!!

8.  What's your favorite part of the drawing process?  Concept, thumbnailing, sketching, penciling, inking, coloring, painting, etc.?  Least favorite part?

Sketching gives my brain a time out.  I don't worry about anything when I'm sketching.  It helps me stay focused if I'm tired, it gives me something productive to do when I'm on the train or in a cafe, sitting through a terrible movie, or trying not to fall asleep somewhere..

But I love digital painting because I turn on some good music and just lose myself in the process.  That feels great!  But I don't have so much time to do it.

I hate inking and coloring.  It's tedious, and I have problems getting up the confidence to really decide on THIS line or THIS color.

9.  Are your stories primarily set in urban or rural/forest landscapes?  Other??

I love the ideas of crazy urban cities surrounded by nature.  Most of my headworlds are places where restrictive natural landscapes have created highly urbanized pockets.

10.  Suggest a favorite book/movie/tv series you think more people should know about!!!

Everything by C.S Friedman.  If you're into scifi, I have re-read This Alien Shore more times than is sane.  If you like fantasy, the Coldfire trilogy changed my perspective on life completely, made me cry, and... and... oh man it's still making me cry...  I didn't know I liked fantasy until I read this series!!  If you're into dark plays of power, sex, and magic, the Magister Triology with draw you in and tear you up.  And now she's in the middle of writing the Dreamwalker series.  Excited!!

Okay I guess I'm supposed to tag people now and make up questions.. This is embarrassing.. uh.. I'm just gonna randomly pick some of my watchers!  And anyone is just free to answer any of these down below!  I love hearing people's stories!!
:icondeer-in-headlights: :iconskulldog: :iconcinnamonalchemy: :iconwinzrella: :icontwapa: :iconkeiko22: :iconmoarre: :iconkyuubinight: :iconsoubi-kyo: :iconlaughingastarael: :iconkosmonauttihai:

1.  What's your comfort zone when you just want to draw something to relax?
2.  What's the best commission or request you've ever received?  The worst?
3.  When do you find time to do art?
4.  Is there anyone who really inspired your style?
5.  Tell me a story about how you improved on your art, based on some revelation you had when you saw something or someone told you something or something!
6.  Are you any good at taking critique?
7.  What kind of art are you totally sick of seeing these days?
8.  Do you ever compare the art process to something else?  Like, playing an instrument or sports or something...
9.  Do your friends draw?
10.  What's your favorite animal?

Have a good one!

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I know it's a month away, but I'm so ready for Artslam!

Who else is up for a whole summer of doing art?
All fun and no pressure, you just have to draw every day!

Great for bouncing around character and world-building ideas!

And an excellent way to get advice on art!  Or to get that kick in the butt to actually finish something!


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I just read a really, really good webcomic. . . Can't wait for more:


The storytelling is just art unto itself. . .
And it's creepy.... I don't want to turn off the lights!

Another friend just started a webcomic. October
The art is amazing.

In other news, I had an interesting day yesterday.
Maybe the most interesting thing was that I just happened to be taking a walk outside when suddenly the lunar eclipse started.  I had no idea this was going to be happening, and it just happened to be at a time when I could see it.  I went to the park to watch.  I just happened to have a flashlight on me so I was able to get some moth pictures.  This reminded me of one of the lessons I teach at school.  "What do you carry around just in case?"  Some students don't understand "just in case" so I always say, "I have an umbrella just in case it rains."  Then I get to hear about all the interesting things they're carrying.  Usually it's bandaids or candy, but sometimes it's unusual, like the guy who carries medicine that will help him out if he has a heart attack.  He showed me how to administer it, too.  Of course, being the teacher, no one asks this question back at me.  Sometimes I wish I was the student and the teacher would ask me, "Jennifer, what do you carry around just in case?" And I'd say, "I carry around a flashlight just in case I need to take a picture of a moth at night."

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Artslam this year has been really great so far! Two more months to go!
A year ago, at the end of Artslam, I manages to draw this:…

It took forever and I felt so awkward at every stage of the process.
This year I did this:
Beyond the Wall by SineSquared

It took so much less time, and every time I felt a little less confident, someone would give me some great advice and I'd figure things out!

Does anyone else want to join the slam for July???

- Jennifer
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Artslam - the only thing that gets me off my ass and makes me do art, instead of just thinking about doing art.
Who wants to join me for one, two, or three months of art?…

This year I want to work on backgrounds and my sense of color.  I'm starting to realize that these things sorta go hand in hand.  I can't just say - green! and make the shadows in a picture green, it has to fit in with what else is happening in the picture.

Happy slamming!

- Jennifer - website - blog
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I'm going to be posting a lot of pictures of seashells.  It was a rainy day and the shells had been sitting around in their basket for too long.  I took them all out and painted them.  I was going for flowery patterns since it's spring and people are in to that kind of thing in the spring.

If anyone wants me to paint you a seashell, or a dozen, I think I'd charge a dollar for a black one and two dollars for a gold one, and then shipping.  They're really fun to make!

Seashells are nifty.  Each one is different.  You can even find differences on two sides of a clam.  Each pattern, whorl, color, is made by nature, with extreme precision.  I love wandering on the beach finding shells.

- Jennifer
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Do you ever spend so much time doing other things for other people that you start to forget who you are?
I think I'm just getting over a bout of that.
Last year was hard.  There were the 3 months of Artslam, immediately followed by 4 months of intensive study, and only now am I starting to look up and notice the color of the sky again, see friends once in a while, clean my house on a regular basis. . .

I'm back to updating my webcomic, Two Moons:

And I'm back to using my spare moments on the train or in a cafe doodling in my notebook.  For some reason most of these recently have been sketches of unusual castles.  I wonder if that says anything about my psyche.  Dreaming up other worlds... maybe I need to escape to an isolated kingdom for a while.

Also, since I haven't been on in forever, I have over 600 deviations to sift through.  I don't know if I have the energy to look through them all.  Share with me the thing you're the most proud of that you've done in the last 4 months!  Or share something awesome that someone else did!  I'd love to be inspired by some art.

- Jennifer
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I've recently uploaded my favorite pieces from this year's Artslam so far.  If you'd like to join Artslam in August, go on and sign up here:…
All you have to do is draw... every day.  It's a great way to get world building ideas out, ask for help with art or designing something, meet awesome people, and have fun.  And there's only one month left!

Two Moons is on semi-hiatus until Artslam is over.  I say "semi" because I've managed to update a page here and there despite my lack of time.  I guess I have more time management skills than I used to!  And I can draw faster!

Also, if anyone is ever stuck for something to draw, I made a list of fun character interactions I'd love to see someone take a stab at:
1. Playing with a ball
2. Someone trying to comfort them
3. Jumping out of a tree
4. Trying to fix something
5. Holding someone back
6. Running late!
7. Trying to get out something stuck under the fridge or a tree root
8. Falling over laughing
9. Getting hit by something/someone
10. At the dentist/doctor's/chiropractor's/therapist/fortune teller's
11. Carrying someone
12. Someone shows them something very interesting

- Jennifer
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Me me!
I'm ready for three months of doing nothing but art in my free time, and ignoring all other social obligations.
I'll make sure to post the best stuff on DA here.
I should work on emptying my message box before I have no time for this site anymore.  Less than a week left!



If there's anyone else out there who wants to join, do this!  It's so fun to get creative with other people and so rewarding to work on your own stuff and see how much you progress after a month!

Also!  Two Moons has been updating recently at
And I'm gonna try putting up some more photography at :iconantiretrovirus: pretty soon.

Let the creativity floooow!!

- Jennifer
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I have a webcomic:
I started this about ten years ago.
Back then, I couldn't draw so well, I had no idea how to use my tablet efficiently, and I hated the idea of gender and so everyone in my comic has drab, androgynous clothes and you can't tell who's male or female for the first few chapters...  But it gets better as it goes on, and as my skill improved, and my confidence in life also improved.
Because of this comic, I was able to meet really awesome, wonderful, amazing people online who helped shape who I am today.  These people gave me courage and helped me out of emotional pits of despair many a time.
And how did I repay them?
Well I got a job, a life, another language, a husband, I abandoned art for photography, and I didn't update my comic for over a year.  I lost contact with a lot of those awesome people that I met.

Recently, I decided that wasn't fair and I went back and re-read my work and wow!  I was surprised.. the story was pretty solid, the characters were decent, and... and.. and I decided I want to finish it.
I'm going to continue doing pages, but with my extreme lack of time, I'm not going to be bringing the pages into photoshop anymore.  They're just going to be pencils, unfinished, and done hastily during my breaks at work.  They will be uploaded when I have time to use my scanner.  Which means sporadic, but definitely a better record than the last two years have been.


If you would like to keep updated with Two Moons, I'm going to create a mailing list so I can directly contact people when I update.  Or else I was thinking I should start a facebook page or something.. How do people communicate these days?  Tumblr?  DA?  I don't know... but I feel like I should do something for you guys.  Anyway, send me a message, or email me at

Along with Two Moons, I want to get back to celebrating DNA Day, and doing Fanart contests, and maybe, maybe getting back into the DrunkDuck community.. Is anyone still on there?

For those of you who don't give a crap about my little webcomic, well sorry for all this text!  But thank you for reading!

- Jenshin
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I'm going to Finland and Belgium at the end of June-beginning of July-ish.

Does anyone have a spare couch I can crash on or can pick me up from the airport?

Note me!

In other news, I've been eating a lot of asari soup and going to the beach a lot.. meaning I have a shit ton of seashells that I've been painting as an excuse not to throw them out.. What should I do with them all?  Is there a market for painted seashells?

- Jennifer

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I just had this epiphany about art!
I was thinking.. why can I draw robots and they look nothing like this guy's or that guy's robots...
Or why can I draw hair better than she can, but hers somehow looks more full.
Then I realized, my lines are all the same width!
It's been staring at me in the face since I first started drawing as a 4 year old and I never, ever gave it any thought.  I feel like I've been complaining about being blind and suddenly sometime points out to me that it's because I've got my hat pulled over my eyes.  Oh whoops!  I guess I'm not blind after all!  I was just looking at other people's art and looking at mine and thinking really hard: What's different here???

I think it's super helpful to look at other people's art.
None of my art teachers...  (in compulsory high school, I'm not cool enough to have been to art school..) ever told me to look at other people's art.  They told me to draw apples and skulls they put on the table.  They told me that even looking at a photo is not as good as the REAL LIVE THING.  They told me that the pictures I copied from covers of the Evangelion VHS tapes were not "Art."  And I was put in my place.

But y'know, we're all here taking a 2D piece of paper and trying to make it look like something 3D, or something real, something understandable that conveys something to other people.  And there are OTHER PEOPLE out there who can DO IT BETTER THAN US!  Sometimes it takes not looking at the teacher's apple and trying to figure out how to make your 2D white sheet of paper resemble it in some way, but it takes looking over your neighbor's shoulder and see how THEY managed to trick everyone into thinking those pencil lines were really a fruit.  Oh, they put a leaf on it!  Hey what a novel idea!  I'll try that too.  Oh yay now my mom doesn't give me strange looks and ask me what it is anymore!

There have been some big moments where I see how someone else does something and it's really opened my eyes.  Like that trend where everyone makes these red noses with shiny tips.  Or making the strip of skin that runs between the breasts shine.  Or the way the elbow kind of sticks out between two interlocking muscles.  These are some of the things I noticed from the lines and shapes on other peoples art.  I can visualize the elbow, I can see it in front of me or in the mirror, and I can look at it in a photograph, but it took seeing how other people rendered it with lines and shapes and shading to really start to feel exactly how ones works.  And then the next step is feeling how one works without the lines or shapes so that you can manipulate it on the page the way you want without just copying it.

And so I'm really glad that all I did in my high school art class was copy pictures of Evangelion.  I mean if I'd gone to a real art class where the teacher's job was not entertaining high schoolers, but actually teaching stuff, I might not be saying this now.  But what I learned from copying those pictures was that there was something out there that I had the talent to do, but I just couldn't SEE it correctly yet, and in order to get closer, I tried looking at how other people did it and from that point, figured out how to do it and see it myself later on.

Someone I Watch said once on a journal, "Can you draw this?" really means, "Can you see this?"  There are a lot of things I can't see yet, but today my eyes feel a lot more open than before.

- Jennifer

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A long time ago I used to do this comic, Two Moons. (
I think the last time I updated was over a year ago.
And that was after a 6 month hiatus.
I've decided (with the help of some awesome pestering fans) to do something about this!
      Obviously it's not really kind to my readers to leave them hanging like this.  But my first problem is that I don't have time at home. When I'm at home I need to cook, clean, practice piano, study, garden, and get it all done before I go to work. However, I have about 40 minutes of drawing time on the train, and 40 minutes of drawing time on my break at work. That's ample time to doodle, but making a finished comic page with all the computery bits is impossible when you're away from home at a cafe. So how to balance this...
My first idea is to just upload a bunch of thumbnails, and if I ever decide to make finished pages, I can do that on my own free time later.
My second idea is to write out what happens in prose.
My third idea is to do all the pages in pencil, and then ask someone else to color them... any takers?
My fourth idea is to do this for money.. if you donate, I'll actually set aside some time to do a comic page.
So what do you guys think? I would love some feedback.

- Jenshin
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I feel like coloring stuff.

Do you have any line art that needs coloring?

Putting on some good music and coloring.

- Jennifer

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For about half a year, I couldn't think of a good reason to do art.
Ideas wouldn't come to mind.  Even if I thought I should draw something, it seemed like too much effort to bother doing it.
Then I did Artslam.  It gave me a reason to draw every day, but still the ideas didn't flow.  I did what I could with what little I had.  But I did learn a lot, and I realized - I can draw fast!  If I want to, if I put in the effort, I can actual produce stuff at a good pace!

Then I had a wedding to plan for, execute, and coordinate 5 people's out-of-town vacations.  Tons of fun, but I literally drew nothing for 3 months, spending all my free time writing cards or sorting out things.  Finally, that was all over, and I did that little poll.. I'm so glad I did that right before my subscription ran out because one person told me to do more watercolors.  And I thought.. why not?  And suddenly ideas were flowing.. And they've kept flowing.  Even now I'm full of ideas and color schemes!  So here's to art!

I came back from my vacation to a bunch of blogs of people listing their New Year's Resolutions.  So I'll add mine.  My resolution is to just sit down and do it.  Right when the idea comes to me.  Don't worry about cleaning the house first, don't worry about whether the time is RIGHT or not, if the music fits or not, if my mood is perfect or not.. If there's an idea, the idea takes the priority!

On an unrelated note, I want to plug :iconfeather-dancer: who lost a good friend a year ago and is now doing art for other people who are having trouble, hard times, or anything like that.  I don't have any people in trouble around me, so if you know someone, go contact her!

Also, thanks, :iconskulldog: for the cake.

And thanks everyone else for reading!


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So I decided to buy this awesome thing:

And I got drawn this awesome picture:

Quixotic Art Book Sketch - RoboJelly by AshenCreative

Thank you :iconashencreative:!!!

Artslam is over and I'm so bogged down with new ideas that I can't focus on any one of them for too long, and thus can't finish anything.  I'm gonna try to get everything in my head out on paper by next month!  And then I can relax and do some art trades and stuff.  Yay!

- Jennifer

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