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The Lady in the Garden by SineSquared The Lady in the Garden by SineSquared
I painted this for a charity auction.
The guys running the gallery jokingly said over some tea and snacks "That would really suck if someone's art didn't even sell for charity."
Turns out that person was me.  I got handed back a box of all my paintings and the gallery guys were too embarrassed to say anything to me.
I guess no one saw what I saw when I painted this.
I was watching reflections of light dancing across the shining back of a ladybug, thinking about how that little red sphere could be a kind of miniature galaxy, a portal too other worlds, and no one ever stoops down to check if this tiny insect is just a bug or a pan-dimensional manifestation.
Okay yeah maybe I'm the only one who thinks things like that.
Me and third-graders.
So I set off to try to find a way to paint her in the way that would better show how I felt.
Laitma Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Professional Filmographer
O-Ooohhhh noooo, I'm sorry to hear that... but this is such a precious painting!  I really love the little touch of dimples/stars, I guess the concept just didn't come across to the audience though... :'(
FuzzyMaro Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017
It looks so amazing! I love details and colors :heart: :D Feel free to submit it to our group :iconwatercoloranimals: 
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