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Nick Valentine

My second favorite synth from Fallout 4 <3
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There's my favorite synth

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Just found this. One of my favorite arts of all time for Nick, fantastic job!

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My favorite synth, companion and sass master. He looks spectacular!
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Hi SineAlas! Have you considered selling this somewhere? I'd totally pay for it via deviantart prints or something! o/ It's super stunning
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I'm totally getting this tattooed on me. Just try and stop me. Beautiful toaster detective art. 10/10
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I love the amount of detail in the picture, as well as the colour palette, the facial expression I juST LOVe it!
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Holy hells hes perfect
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That's beautiful!
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DAMN, this is amazing!
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Seriously, why haven't I favorited this yet.
Fantastic job ! Love it ! Clap 
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You've really captured Nick well here.
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yooooo i'm lovin the colors and the way you rendered his face. it's a really excellent likeness :"")
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I really like his eyes
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Definitely one of my favorite characters from Fallout 4, aside from Hancock. Looks great!
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Ahhhh my god this looks so good. You totally nailed him down with this! It seems a lot of the fan art I see of him miss out on his likeness a lot but yours looks just like him :dance: Love the colors you used and his expression, too!

May I have your permission to post this on Tumblr? Credit and a link back will be given of course, I use dA's built in share feature which always does that automatically. No worries if not, though! :meow:
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Aww thank you very much! I'm glad it looks that way x)
If you want it on your tumblr, you can just reblog it from my : D…
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Ooh, fantastic! Thank you for the link, I'll go ahead and do that then :D
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Oh crap this is amazing! My favourite companion:3
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