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1. What do you like to do when it is sunny?
Sit in the sunshine and either draw or write

2. A beautiful girl steals your Lollypop! Oh wait its a man?!?! What are you going to do about it?
Eh, whatever. They're welcome to my germs, and I'm not a big fan of candy anyway.

3. If you are going to bake a cake what insane decoration will you put on top to grab peoples attention and it has to be edible of coarse this is a cake! (Stupid non-edible decorations! non-edible I take that as a challenge!) so whats it made of?
Hmmm, I think I would put a fake knife made of sugar. It would trick people into thinking it's a real knife, and maybe they coooould use it to cut the cake (maybe), and then I could freak them out by eating the knife. >;)

4. You open the door to your room and a bunch of _____ fall out! Who did it and what was it?
Balloons! :D Who done it? Either a fun friend or a cute guy. :\\)

5. If you had Mary Poppins bag that had endless room what would you put in it?
I'd put 90% of the junk in my room so it would finaaalllyy be clean!

6. If you were the size of Thumbilina who would be the same size as you and what would you do?
Fairies!!!! :D Can I have some wings too?! *hope, hope*
We would have soooo much fun! Eat an entire blueberry, fly races through the trees, make little fairy clothes out of leaves, ride a dragonfly, tease the cats, etc.

7. If it could rain any thing what would you make it rain?
Um, does wisdom and intelligence count? It hardly matters what rains down if people don't use it wisely.

8. Imagine some thing that makes you laugh really hard. Now imagine that on top of a lama. Did you laugh harder?
Not really. I was thinking of a show I watched where a proper, elegant Victorian lady was trying to learn how to act like a man. My sides ached for a week! Maybe if she were trying to learn how to ride a llama like a man? Yeah, that would make it even funnier.

9. If your lawn could grow animals what kind of animals would be growing out of your lawn?
Uh, what would I do with all those animals? Maybe some of the cutest pokemon. :)

10. In a room where no sound could be heard how would you get peoples attention?
Probably gently touch their shoulder, hoping they don't jump out of their skin.

Questions for you to answer

1. What was your favorite cartoon growing up? (if you didn't watch cartoons or tv at all then name a book)
I liked Frugal Gourmet - a cooking show. (I was an odd kid. Then again, I still don't like the cartoons from back then.)

2. Someone's at your door! You answer it and find it's your favorite movie/tv/book character! Who is it and how do you react?
Morwen from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles?! Oh pleeeeaaase teach me how to make one of those doors!!! Maybe how to make those sleeves too. Oh, and I'd like to talk to my cats too.

3. You're in your room playing the radio and your favorite song comes on so you start rocking out but about halfway through the song you realize your window is open and a REALLY hot guy/girl has seen you. What do you do rockstar?
Keep dancing! :D

4. GRABOID ATTACK!!! (if you've never seen Tremors then insert a monster or a real animal before attack)
Pepper spray? Anything to hit with? Perhaps a good scream?

5. Favorite fruit!  (yes random I know  )
Cherries! :D

6. If you could go into ANY book/movie/show what would it be and why.
The Enchanted Forest Chronicles! Why? Cause I like it.

7. DISNEY!!! Ok what was the first thing you thought of?
Mickey Mouse is lame, and Disney is a billion times lamer for forcing the copyright laws to continually increase the number of years they apply. Instead they should lobby for an option to renew the copyright, but only if you were the previous owner (or maaaaybe the direct descendant, aka child, of the previous owner)!

9. *Gasp* Oh no! You've been turned into a (house) cat! O_O So what's the first thing you do?
Go exploring into all the places I couldn't, including the brick ledge around our house that the cats keep walking along from roof to roof!

10. Ooh shiny lightsaber!   Jedi or Sith choose you must.
Jedi! Duh!
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Favourite genre of music: Bubblegum Dance
Personal Quote: I'm not crazy! I'm Sindy!


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