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[SFM/Gmod] Princess Luna S1

Commissioned by :iconouranoscaelus:

:iconsourcerabbit: - Awwsome preview image.
:iconnutrafin: and :iconjuicedane: - Eyebrows and enhanced ponies assists.
:iconkp-shadowsquirrel: - Wings.

The archive contains 2 versions, Gmod and SFM\

Updt: (06/07/2018) Color was changed, color correction.
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Indeed this model is amazing model that you made, but is there a way to mirror her mane? either as a body group or a separate model if i may ask.
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Sindroom, I've got a request for you!

Your mission: bring the lilybonbons to gmod and source filmmaker.

The lilybonbons consist of ribbon, lulu, mimi and flora.

Fire up that blender software!

Good luck!
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I do not understand what it is.
The lilybonbons are from sanrio sindroom.
Them four are rabbits.
They're a dance squad.

Use the blender software to bring the lilybonbons into 3d!

Once they're in blender transport them to gmod and source filmmaker.

Don't forget: the lilybonbons need to have facial expressions.

One more thing I forgot to tell you is that the body parts have got to have reflexes.

I wish you luck Sindroom!
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Do you think I'm interested in doing this?
Well, it seems like it's worth a try.

Give it your best shot sindroom!
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Good. In that case, pay me for the work
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40 dollars for one rabbit.
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hey, i love the model n all of that, but the way her hooves curve is unlike many of the other models ive seen, and her shoes warp really weirdly when i try to bend her hoof, its the same with both her front and back legs.
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Yee haa! Cute Luna. :)
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love the pic, dude
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-hugs Princess Luna's S1 Design-

Oh Princess Luna, why couldn't you keep this design of yours? :(
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Luna has the ability to shape-shift, so maybe she pulls out this one once in a while still when she REALLY needs to pour on the charm?
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As much as I love S1 Luna,
S2-onward is kindof adorable still <3
Princess Luna (hmm...) plz 
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-sigh- I guess.... :(
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Space! Gotta go to space!
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Too much Woona for one day! ;P
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I noticed Wheatley in the picture too! So awesome! :D
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