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[SFM/Gmod] Equestria Girls V3.1

Finally. FINALLY! Sorry I haven't laid out anything for a long time, exams and other problems have taken almost all my strength away. After I survived, I decided to gather all my strength and finish what I really should have been. You asked for these models, very much asked, I did not forget/

I hope you enjoy it, I spent a lot of energy doing them, especially when I had to start work again when I didn’t like something.

So, in the pack there are 7 models, if you want me to make more models on this base, I will definitely see this by how often you will use them. I hope that you appreciate it, because I plan to do all the other characters on this base, I would not want my work to be done in vain.

So, if someone wants to distribute these bases, I will give all the necessary source files, I will attach a link to this sufficient number of people will ask me about it. 
I plan to release some more updates, I have some ideas that I would like to implement. If you find any errors, let me know.

NSFW VERSION - [will be soon!]

Original DMX Source Files - [… ]

Starlight, Sci-Twilight and  Sunset Shimmer M1 are planned in the next pack.

Special thanks to the people who helped me in this:
:iconimafutureguitarhero: - for SFM test
:icontyrakathedragonfan: - for Gmod test 

Thanks to everyone who supported me and helped me in any form.

And yes, I remember that I still owe some people models for commissions. Time, have patience, I remember everything and nothing is forgotten. Now I am experiencing a very difficult period in my life because I finish my studies at the university in the summer and the test awaits me.

UPDT: First day patch (06/03/2019) - 1)bug fixes; 2)added customized eyebrow colors; 3)body groups sorted; 4)Aj jacket changed.
UPDT: (07/03/2019) - Brows texture fixed.
UPDT: (14/04/2019) - AJ Boots fixed.
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When is the NSFW verson coming out?

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cant load textures. anyone know how to solve this?

Are the Dazzlings and CMC gonna get body meshes like these models?

Are these for blender

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So Sindroom wants to see artwork of his models eh?

For all whom this may concern, this is not a plug, but rather a message for Sindroom, hopefully everything is alright with him, and hopefully he may read this someday. Thank you for the excellent models Sindroom, I hope everything is alright IRL, have a nice day.😁

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now I know how and got it, is will be Fun to a pack of outfit for them

goldorakx69's avatar

I wish to know how to download it!

thatradhedgehog's avatar

We need to have this on Steam. It's alot easier to do it that way.

how do you put this in gmod

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i pray for the nsfw version soon

mlp fortress 2

twilight sparkle/sniper

pinkie pie/pyro




princess cadance/soldier

princess luna/demoman

princess celestia/heavy

spike/saxton hale

starlight glimmer/civillian

harshwhinny/helen the administrator

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Wow EQG models have come a long way

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How do you download this?

When is the NSFW verison coming?

TheMasterCreative's avatar

I've wondering the same question, but better wait until the day will come.

is anyone else having the problem where everything comes out bright neon pink? or is that just me?

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I've been tring to put them in Source Filmaker for 3 hours now and I finialy figured out that the model download is the tiny little download arrow right under the image itself, I feel so dumb, LOL

Johng117's avatar

Same, but now I don't know what to do about them coming out looking like pink checkered models. Where are their textures??

goldorakx69's avatar

i will love to know how to install it, not only download it, for put it right in GMOD! is should have easy way like steam do it, is so sample on it, all i need is download is already in the game, but from DeviantArt is hard, I try many other download i found in DA but never succeed it to put it in GMOD!

mrbenio's avatar you plan on making any more of these? Characters with other hairstyles and such? :hm:

n1029dude's avatar

will the models be put on the gmod workshop?

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I wonder how you can make these models MikuMikuDance compatible?

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