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[SFM/Gmod] Equestria Girls V3.1



Finally. FINALLY! Sorry I haven't laid out anything for a long time, exams and other problems have taken almost all my strength away. After I survived, I decided to gather all my strength and finish what I really should have been. You asked for these models, very much asked, I did not forget/

I hope you enjoy it, I spent a lot of energy doing them, especially when I had to start work again when I didn’t like something.

So, in the pack there are 7 models, if you want me to make more models on this base, I will definitely see this by how often you will use them. I hope that you appreciate it, because I plan to do all the other characters on this base, I would not want my work to be done in vain.

So, if someone wants to distribute these bases, I will give all the necessary source files, I will attach a link to this sufficient number of people will ask me about it. 
I plan to release some more updates, I have some ideas that I would like to implement. If you find any errors, let me know.

NSFW VERSION - [will be soon!]

Original DMX Source Files - [… ]

Starlight, Sci-Twilight and  Sunset Shimmer M1 are planned in the next pack.

Special thanks to the people who helped me in this:
:iconimafutureguitarhero: - for SFM test
:icontyrakathedragonfan: - for Gmod test 

Thanks to everyone who supported me and helped me in any form.

And yes, I remember that I still owe some people models for commissions. Time, have patience, I remember everything and nothing is forgotten. Now I am experiencing a very difficult period in my life because I finish my studies at the university in the summer and the test awaits me.

UPDT: First day patch (06/03/2019) - 1)bug fixes; 2)added customized eyebrow colors; 3)body groups sorted; 4)Aj jacket changed.
UPDT: (07/03/2019) - Brows texture fixed.
UPDT: (14/04/2019) - AJ Boots fixed.
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are there guys in this pack?