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[SFM/Gmod] Equestria Girls V2.1



So, I finally finished it. I hope that you will appreciate these models. IMPORTANT: these models did not come to replace the old versions, I just offer you my version of this character. These models have human proportions, they have a more accurate body structure. It's up to you to decide which models to use. Important feature, these models have improved flexes (Not v5. Yet.)
And no, this pack does not contain Starlight. I'll release her later.

Models have a full body, clothes can be removed - this will make it possible to do bonemergable clothes and other accessories.
I have more plans for these models, I will be releasing bonemergable clothes for my patreon, and NSFW version will be there (on my patreon)
I plan to do them in a short time, I'll let you know when they come out. ALSO my first bonemergable clothes pack will be TF2 set and Overwatch set.

:iconshir0qq: thanks for helping
:icontyrakathedragonfan: thanks for testing
:iconsindroom: shitty preview by
:iconcreatorofpony: hair textures and original RIG

Compatible with IK rig -  EQG IK Rig v1.0 [SFM Resource] by argodaemon

If you find some bugs, just let me know and I'll fix them.
(ALSO, if you want to decompile them to Blender, these models have one feature, they have a broken Uv this is done in order to have less terrible OС)

UPDT(20/02/2018): Reworked Sunset's hair mesh, add nose bone, scaled hands, edited phy model and other little fix.

UPDT(04/03/2018): BIG UPDATE I advise you to download this update. A lot has been changed and improved.

UPDT(05/04/2018): BIG UPDATE Remodeled clothes. Now the clothes are almost not torn.

UPDT(06/04/2018): Pinkie Fix
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