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[DL/SFM/Gmod] Marble Pie 2.0

By Sindroom
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Update. New preview, edited reference withoup awful textures, fixed eye's/
:iconponinnahka: - base.
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I feel so horrible about seeing this character as relevant, because the only reason I do is all the "Cucked/Heartbroken" jokes I make subconsciously at her expense...
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Pretty sure this does not come with eyebrows
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Can I have permission to use the mane and tail from this model for a fallout 4 mod plugin? I'm trying to make a mane and tail addon for Crimes Against Nature.
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Finally i can work on a muffins SFM prody thanks!
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Hi I want to ask if I can use her mane for my OC (named Eris Shadow) which was an inspired hair style but she is filly so I couldn’t use it for her (I have use pinkamena mane), but now i will make her older version where i can use this mane. So I want to ask if I can decompile her and use. Ty for any responses.

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are you able to make a zip version, I'm having a hard time getting this on Gmod in the right way
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can you help me shes is pink in the screenand i not know how to fix,
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She's pink in the select menu? Right click it and hit re-render.
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Can ik why the model mane jigglebones glitches in SDK ?
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Let's hope she doesn't grind up moon rocks (that's pure poison inside lunar rocks).
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Was that a portal 2 reference?
Cursed-Grimdark's avatar
Hello there.May I use her hair for my friend's OC?
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If you wish...
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can you add instructions on how to add her to gmod?
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For gmod, just put her 'materials' folder and 'models' folder in the same folder under garry'smod folderr. That should work.
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the link isn't working says it dosnt exsist
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Out of curiosity, whose flexes did you base hers on? Coco's flexes was based on Fluttershy's, Maud's flexes was based on Rarity's and Moondancer's was based on Twilight. 
You made a custom mane and tail for her (custom texture too), but I don't think you made her base model from scratch. Usually modded, custom and OC ponies base their models on the available Nahka's v4 models, right?
My question is: what is Marble Pie's base model? Thanks a lot.
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hm.. I just remove eyelashes/
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