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Mil Mi 24 Hind D

One of my favourites of russian helis !
Because of the heavy load of weapon it can carry it is a perfect intersept machine :-)
Used in several wars like the:
6 day war, in Afghanistan, Israel and many more !
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man this makes my drawing lame. but hey, it was my second attempt, and i was doing it in school!  Mi-24 VP Drawing by XxSpringtrap-PVPxX
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:iconsnakeplz: A Hind-D? Colonel! What's a Russian Gunship doing here?!
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Nicely done man! I love the texture and the shading area, and I do say, it is 1 of my favorite Russian Helicopters ever out there. :D 10/10 Great work btw. :D
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Великолепный рисунок
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My favourite chopper! This machine is awesome.
Great art.
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Used in several wars......bla...bla.....and Auburn Urban assault.
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wow nice work should hang in a gallery
and i can imganine the face of the amrican tankers which se this monster of a tqankbuster they waht the f....
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hehe, yea it is a great machine
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yes im curently building a model of it 1772 scale and i always thought my supercobra in the same scale was big the mil has twice the sice of the cobra
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u r welcome comrade
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I'm not a vehicle army fan but Mil 24 is impressive,it's massive and has powerful weaponry and with the cockpit shape and these wings ,for me it's a beautiful helicopter too.

Congrats a lot for your art,the pic is very beautiful and accurate.Cockpit,weaponry,is all detailde and well drawn.

You're very talented :) .
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Thanx =D

Thank you very much for the comment =D

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thatz freikin intence
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