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Just got back from the convention, and damn did I ever see a shyteload of artists that I clearly recognized from Deviant Art. I guess it truly is the cheapest source of advertising anime and manga art on the web, even if you do have your own website.

Speaking of websites, now that I have handed out a good amount of my business cards at the con, and had to scribble my account here on the backs of them due to my website being sorely overdue for a major overhaul and update, I suppose I should write down some basics for anyone who was interested in anything I either had at the convention, or would like commissioned stuff.

Prices for stuff is as follows:

8.5 x 11 Matte Prints - $10 (this includes shipping)
5 x 7 Glossy Prints - $7 (also includes shipping)

Custom Commissions:
Pencil Lineart - $10
Ink Lineart - $15
Full Color - $25 - $60 (depending on complexity)
Tattoo Design - $10 Flat Fee

PM or email me if interested. I'm willing to haggle if need be.
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DaftBrian Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2008
Hey!! Its me Brian/FeBreze Taicho. That Goku I bought from you looks SOOO nice on my wall. So does the "God Mode" on my fridge.

Thanks for being one of the nicest Artists there.

P.S. I also thought you were hott too....*hides*
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Submitted on
March 24, 2008