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Wow 2010 sucked for me and art. I tried my damnedest to make stuff work out, but it just bombed. Motivation was lacking this year, which is something that's got to change, and hopefully will.

We got a reboot to the Castlevania franchise which.....well, was decent but kinda disappointing. (get your shit together, Konami!) I started playing a shyte-ton more Xbox, something I'd never thought I'd do. I finally caved and got on Twitter, something I definitely thought I'd never do. (check my site for that)

I finally got word that I was accepted into the Anime Boston artist alley, so I'll be there selling some stuff and want to make some new ideas work out so everyone has stuff to buy! (and so I can cover the damned cost increases) Prints will be available and I'm hoping for maybe some shirt designs? I have one design done and am hoping for another by the time April rolls around. (if people have idea of what they'd like to see from me, let me know!)

So, here's to the end of 2010: the Year of Art Suck, and to the beginning of 2011: the Year of Not So Much Art Suck.

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Submitted on
December 31, 2010