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Shadowstryke by sindra Shadowstryke by sindra
Ok, back when I was younger, my first real introduction to anime was the series Ronin Warriors (aka: Yoroiden Samurai Troopers), that was shown on Sci-Fi. (used to watch it before school =D ) Anyway, it was the real big fandom I really got into when I first hit the web. I was part of a small community that worshiped the show. (the "Ronin Bughouse"....RIP)

Anywho, of course, a bunch of us made our "own" armors to go along with our fandom. (who wouldn't?) This is where the first incarnation of my dhampire character and namesake came into play. (she was modified after I grew apart from the fandom) Yar.

Name: Sindra
Age: 18
Race: Dhampire (half-human, half-vampire)
Eyes: Golden
Hair: Bluish-purplish Black (used to be brown...changed it for this redesign)
Height: 5'6
Armor: ShadowStryke
Armor Color(s): Dark Purple, Black, Silver, and Grey
SubArmor Colors Dark Purple and Silver
Virtue (kanji): Protection (the little kanji there...though I don't which form of "protection" it means)
Weapon: Inverted Glaive
Powers: Control and manipulation of shadows into physical attacks; Teleportation through Shadows; Nightvision
Surekill: "Silhouette Blade" - A large wave of shadow-energy produced from Glaive, able to slice into anything it comes in contact with.
Personality: Quiet, unless provoked; Morbid; Solitary; Protective towards loved ones
Other: Has some vampiric abilities and traits, like enhanced speed, strength, nightvision, and sixth-sense. Smitten with Sekhmet/Naaza. (ha...because I can, dammit! :fuzzydemon:)
Nyghtvision Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2006
Hah -- I have the same Ronin-fandom induction that you do! Nice original armor, by the way.
Soultero01 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2005
So, this is where the spark originally sprung from. You learn something new about a person every day.

*imagines an in-joke for future writing prospects involving armor*

SINDRA: "?. . . What is it?

SULACO: "That ancient Samurai gear fits you well. Seems like it was made specifically for you alone."

SINDRA: "You noticed. —It's almost as if I've worn it before at some point. How odd..."
ArdathkSheyna Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*sighs* I miss those days...*sniffle* The Bughouse is still around, at the new site, but it's not as fun anymore....
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