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Kurochi Aori - Missing Nin by sindra Kurochi Aori - Missing Nin by sindra
Editted: Well, I'm finally able to use her in the narutofanclub "Most Dangerous Missing Nin" contest this time around. I've updated the image of Aori, as well as tweeked her info. Wish me luck!

Name: Kurochi Aori (Swift Dark Blood)
Age: 19
Ranking: Missing Nin (ex-ANBU of the Hidden Cloud)
History: Aori belongs to the Kurochi, or "Dark Blood" bloodline. Born in the Hidden Cloud Village, Aori's father was an ANBU for the village for many years. A swift and reknowed shinobi, he made a name for himself and his family thoughout the Lightning Country. For a while, he and his wife, who was a gentle Chuunin instructor in the Village Academy, made a good life for young Aori. However, Aori's father found himself caught up in the fueds between the Cloud Village, and the Hyuuga clan of the Leaf, and was killed in action. It was now left to young Aori to keep alive the reputation of her father. She quickly rose through the ranks of the Cloud Village Shinobi; becoming a Genin at age 8, a Chuunin at age 12, and finally the rank of ANBU at age 17. She even took she father's old ANBU mask as tribute. Aori found herself in a state of true contentment as an ANBU; loving the speed and the kill that was the staple of the rank. She made a name for herself that matched her father's. However, things were not to remain happy. Aori's mother became ill a little more than a year after Aori's enscention to ANBU. Needing constant bedrest, and slowly going mad, the Village healers could do nothing for the widow Kurochi. After half a year, and her mother very much insane, Aori could bear it no more. Late one night, Aori slipped into her mother's chambers, and killed her.

Aori fled after that. The Village dubbed her a murderer, and a Missing Nin, despite her reputation and skill. The hunter was now the hunted, as the Village sent their own ANBU after her. Aori finds herself hunted by old friends. However, Aori now does not care. Her family gone, and her Village betraying her, Aori flees to the west. She finds herself intrigued by the goingson between the Sound and Leaf Villages, and, keeping a close eye on what will become of the matter, keeps herself on neutral ground concerning to two.
Likes: Special Missions, blood, her solitude, hot springs, ravens (has one as a pet), dusk, honorable fighters
Dislikes: Being Hunted, hypocrits, thoughts of her parents, people she cares for getting hurt (few people she cares for, though)
Jutsu Used: Shigan no Jutsu, Bakuhatsuchi no Jutsu, Kunairou no Jutsu

Shigan no Jutsu - (Death Eyes Skill) By focusing chakra onto the entire eyeball, Aori can stop the movements of her eyes all together, and give them the apperence of a "corpse''s eyes", with even a glazed over dead look. This prevents her opponents from reading her attacks from her eyes, or using her eyes against her in Genjutsu techniques. Especially useful against Byakugan users. The downside is that soon after using the technique, Aori goes blind for about a day.

Bakuhatsuchi no Jutsu - (Exploding Blood Skill) Aori supercharges her blood with chakra, then diliberately cuts herself and sprays the blood towards her target. She then detonates the chakra in her blood, causing it to explode like small bombs. If a target is covered with enough blood, it can do serious to fatal damage.

Kunairou no Jutsu - (Knife Prison Skill) Using her Kunai attached with a chain, Aori uses a Bunshin technique to multiple the kunai with chain. She then uses her chakra to charge and aim the multiple kunai into a criss-cross pattern to ensnare her opponent, entrapping them in a forest of chains.

Goals, Dreams, Hopes: Aori would like to seek revenge on those who gave the orders to hunt her down from the Hidden Cloud Village, but really would like to just forget her old life, and start a new one.
Extra Information: Those of Kurochi descent have near-black blood, hense the family name. They also have crimson somewhere in their hair, thought to be tied in with their strange blood. Aori's father had Crimson-tipped bangs. Her main weapons her her bladed gauntlets, which unlike the Demon Brother's of the Hidden Mist, are retractable via little chains attached to the blades and a armband. She favors Taijutsu the most, using her gauntlets paired with her kunai and chain, only using anything else if truely needed. Her bandages are dyed in the blood of those she's killed as a reminder of her mission of revenge.
Personality: Quiet, decisive, and relatively calm, Aori lives in almost a constant hunter-mode. The only time she is able to unwind is when she's bathing. She enjoys a good kill, but only if it suits her intrests. She's become more aloof since her leaving the Cloud Nin's, and isn't as quick to jump for orders.
Interesting Aspects: Being a hunter, she respects hunters. While she dislikes being hunted by her former ANBU shinobi, she does not blame them for their jobs. She blames the Raikage and the Elders for issuing the order in the first place, without knowing her true intent. Aori killed her mother out of pity, for she knew her mother would not want to live in a state of constant madness. She loved her mother, and did the only thing she could to help her mother be at peace. But Aori has no intention of dying just yet.

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gaelin Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2004
Boo-tiful! ^_^ I love the colors she's rocking and the pose. Nice work Sindra, keep it up. ;)
Mizzcoffeebot Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2004  Professional Filmographer
Rawr! She's damn cool. X3 I like her tats and weapons. Mmmm big claws of death.
HarleyQuinnRose Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2004   General Artist
oooooooo OOOOOOOOO I love this picture... wonderful job and great detailed background :clap:
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