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A2 - 058 Golden Tinsel -SALE- CLOSED

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Are the small magical sparks created by the God Caprisikorn. The are naturally great pets because they struggle to take care of themselves and desire companionship. They find this with Bagbeans or with Anubias Casters. They aren't very serious and are clumsy and adorable pets. They cannot participate in "Quests" (they can for prompts or other group activities if specified). As they are too weak and frail. But they will have their own quests and upgrades that will allow them to change ;D

They can be used for bonuses for your Bagbeans but will need to be registered here CC RegistrationCo Creatures Registration journal
Political Status
A Bagbeans Political status will affect how many companions they can hold! so be sure to check that out before you go any futher.

To register a co creature as either a Companion or Allie ,  copy the forms under and post it underneath. Once approved the CC will be added to a CC comment over at :iconthekingdomofgriffia:
NB! ONCE REGISTERED, you need to un-register it before you sell/trade your bagbean or it will count as "part" of that bagbean sale/trade.
Earth Animal companion  REGISTRATION
This includes all animals on earth, that can fit through the magical portal in Fabians house!
For now earth animals do nothing, but they are a cute add on to add onto your bagbeans story/tracker. They will however take up space on the limit of companions you can keep per political status!
:bulletblack: Link to your Bagbean from Masterlist account TheKingdomOfGriffia:
:bulletblack: Yo

Anubias will have their own prompts and point system called mana

The price is 40.00 USD

Bullet; Red PLEASE SAY "CLAIMING" when asking for it.
Bullet; Red You must have the money you are bidding.
Bullet; Red Payment is due in full withing 12 hours after accepting your bid.
Bullet; Red You CANNOT participate in my sales if your account is under a week old unless you can prove it is an Alt.
Bullet; Red You CANNOT participate in my sales if your account has 0 submissions.
Bullet; Blue I take paypal only.
Bullet; Blue No refunds.

Bullet; Blue Do not edit your bids or hide your comments it will result in a steep warning and you will be added to a watch list - You only get 1 warning
Bullet; Blue Retracting your bid is forbidden. If you retract a bid you will be issued a steep warning and added to a watch list - You only get 1 warning
Anubias are a Closed Species by SinCommonStitches / Rembattarius
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Dang. One second off. :'D
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