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Steampunk Nerf Maverick

By Sindeon
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Something really new for us!

Medieval / Lord of the Ring / Game of Thrones style setting - done. Armors - done. Swords, all kind of weaponry, archery - done. 

But how could we live our fantasy life for 16 years without some technological advancement? So here comes the new weaponry. 

When we found out about NERF toy gun remakes, we knew this is what we need. We looked into paintball, airsoft, but none seemed compatible for a children's camp, until NERF. This thing is awesome, shoots well, and looks great. So we bought 18 of these (not all Mavericks, some Strongarm, Roughcut, Mega are also in the mix), took it apart, airbrushed it and put it back together.
For our winter camp we also bought ~500 bullets, and we had great fun shooting each other with it!

Story integration: if you read the Powder Mage trilogy, you can imagine how it works in our world. If you did not read it, go and buy it, its a great book. Basically, you need a special "powder" (gun-powder, or in our case, demon-world-powder) to make it work, but if you are willing to take the risks and also eat this powder, you can make special magic with it beside shooting. For example, guided bullets (you dont have to really guide the bullets, in this case it works like magic, you just shout it), double-damage bullets, etc. 

The funny thing is, our kids (for some strange reason) love to eat the 'Bolero' drink powder in itself, without water. So instead of giving them gunpowder, we give them this drink powder, and if they want to do magic (yes they want) they have to eat it (yes they want). We bought like 250 sacks of these and they are all gone in 4 days :) 


What is this about? Sindeon is a LARP-styled children's camp in Hungary. Our nonprofit organization creates all the costumes, armors, weapons. The fight system is not combat-oriented; we do not use latex/boffer swords but a ring-based complex rule book. Learn more about us on our website, and check out more pictures on our facebook page:
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New spin on Sindeon or new camp?
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New spin :) We will introduce a group of these "powder mages", kind of like a new fraction. Luckily, everyone loved the idea :)
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Interesting. It is not very often someone adds gunpowder to a medieval setting.
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Read the Powder Mage trilogy, its really great! Kind of French-revolution kind of setting, magic + sword + gun magic, very unique idea, we loved it and it greatly inspired us. 
This will be a special, very advanced secret technology, and mostly magic (if you dont use the demonic powder, the weapon can only shoot mice not people). 
Imagine it like World of Warcraft gnomes! They also have some bombs, guns. 
We will not make any "automatic" weapons, only revolver-style. 
History-wise: The earliest examples of what today is called a revolver were made in Germany in the late 16th century. Actually, our world is kind of turning into 15-16th century, with guilds, colonization, and in some special ways, technology. 
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I will have to look it up. Interesting route Sindeon is taking. You don't see much to do with gunpowder in fantasy. Keep it up!