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On the last weekend of 2015 August, we went to a Hungarian LARP organized by the Lumina Cornu team.
Two years ago, on their last event, we played a group of nomads (see the pictures in this gallery:… )
This year, we were the elite armored force of a local monarch - 9 guys fully armored, loaded with weapons (each had a 2,5 m polearm, a 1,2 m sword, a 0,3 m dagger, shields, bows and arrows).
The girls did not much want to participate in combat, so we became witches and priestesses.

The whole group played the worshippers of Orwella (in this game world, a chaotic goddess). These priestess costumes (3 of them freshly made for this event) were designed by me.
The mail symbolicism of the dress is the following: the goddess's symbol is a hearth with snakes in it, usually worn close to your own heart. Soooo, I made the cleavage heart-shaped, and attached a snake-patterned medallion in the middle. Thanks to GaiasAngel who was so kind to let us use here pattern, you can see the snakes in medallion here:…

It was fun, although we were terribly slaughered by zombies, and turned into undeads. 

More pictures here:…

Special note: please, before commenting or anything: the girl on the picture is only 15 years old. 


What is this about? Sindeon is a LARP-styled children's camp in Hungary. Our nonprofit organization creates all the costumes, armors, weapons. The fight system is not combat-oriented; we do not use latex/boffer swords but a ring-based complex rule book. Learn more about us on our website, and check out more pictures on our facebook page:

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