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Elven dress pattern and tutorial

So here it is - how to make the elven dress. It is actually really simple, not much sewing.
For the grey dress, use this: [link]
It refers to Charter-magic's pattern: [link]

Little desription to the blue pieces: I made 2 fronts, 2 backs and 4 arms. If you sew together two fronts, leave a little hole on the side, you can turn it out - this way there is no nice front and ugly back, both sides look great. You can skip this if you dont care about how the inside looks, it requires much more textile. I would recommend doing this with the arm piece however, because it 'floats' - and then you can see the back side.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask!
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My best friend's wedding is Halloween. She said "Come in Costume". I had a rough idea of what to make after finding a lovely maroon and gold brocade at the thrift store, and then a solid maroon one for contrast. Your pattern will help me to make it look AWESOME!!! 
I will post pics once it's complete!!! 

Many many thanks!!! 
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You are more than welcome! If you have questions dont hesitate to ask, and send the picture, I am curious! 
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If you didn't want to line the blue pieces to have a finished edge, you could add enough fabric for a hem to turn it under.. to better support the grommets I would actually cut fusible facing the width of the first turn of the fabric, iron it on then turn it under so the fusible interfacing is inside the fold, then edge stitch the "hem."  You will have to miter or fold the corners down to catch them in your edge stitch.
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omg!!!!!!!!!!!1 i have been looking for a design like this for a cosplay sketch i am doing!!!!!! may i use this design if i credit you???
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You are free to use it, I dont require credits, but I would looove to see it so link it here when you are done :)
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awesome!!!!! right now i am only doing sketches of full outfits. i will make tht dress later. still working on the cloak ones. i will link pics of all when i have them posted
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thanx for the pattern
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This is soooo good stuff =)
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Thank you very much! If you happen to re-do it, send me a link - I am always curious :)
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Shure thing, but in do it area Im more in Celtic, Slav, and Viking stuff =)
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Great job! Beautiful costume and such a lovely model. I love a good tutorial. :D
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Thank you! Actually I made the dress for a cute little blond girl, and I wanted to post pictures with her, but she was not available this weekend and I could not wait until next week.

So now its me on the picture, but I will post some nice photos with her as well.

Oh, and now I just have to make like 6 more elven dresses :)
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Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you.
Keep up the good work!! :)
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