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Deep red

At last I managed red opics. Blue were working well, but I still struggled with red ones. Until now.
Have a sweetely smiling Starscream whose optics look like cherry lollipops.
I have a more complicated picture in the works, unfortunately I have little time for my private projects lately and so it's crawling along incredibly slowly. This sneaked in to relax and finally have something new to upload at last.

Nearly two years passed since this: [link]
And a little more than two years since this [link]
And fortunately - you see it.
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he looks so real i feel like caressing his face

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Oh this handsome bastard 
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Most Decepticons have red optics.
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freaking god tihs is gorgeous
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Thanks :) It's still my desktop background since I drew that :D
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Sorry for my typo :c

It is quite lovely <3
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I LOVE the way you draw lips. So kissable >.<
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Starscream has beautiful eyes. |D
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OMG this just inspired me to draw Megatron again :dummy:
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his lips...are so...beautifuly thick, and his optics are so juicy red-as-a-cherry-lollipop! :blushes: i love this work, great job!! :worship:
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Thank you! Yes I love his optics, too. This has been my desktop background for quite a while by now.
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Starscream is up to something and I wanna help <3
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this is truly amazing!
the idea alone should win a price xD"

his lips are a bit too human in my opinion, but that doesn't do harm to the overall picture at all. i love it!
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Thank you :)
Yes I just can't resist human-like lips. There are some things we find attractive even when they are not human (like the optics) but for lips, I would have no idea how to paint them differently and still have them beautiful.
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uh, i actually don't know.
they'd be more even, i guess, without those little 'wrinkles' that make them seem soft.
but checking your gallery i saw that that's just your style, so don't change it! it makes your drawings unique ^^
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Ooh Beautiful optics :love: nice work!
gonna :+fav:!
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*raises hands* yes im a fan :D!<3
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You're right, his optics do look like lollipops.

This piece of art is very lovely~
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