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Legion of Superheroes No.4 CVR

By sinccolor
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11" x 17" @ 450 DPI. Art by Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair. 4th of the 6-cover spread for the Legion of Superheroes series. A tribute to a Giffen cover

All characters and art ™ & © 2010 DC Comics. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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oh, you 4 guys again <3
my dreamteam.
epic as always!!
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Really awesome colors, Alex! Your understanding of colors is really impressive!
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thanks so much :)
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oh, sir, let me say that you are the best!!!!
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Well, thank you!
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Jim Lee always draws the same face. Jim Lee is a professional? Pffft. I only like Alex Sinclair for creative colors, and Scott Williams for inks. Jim Lee needs to lay off the comics and practice hours on anatomy, NOW!
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Thank you for the compliment. I don't agree with your comment about Jim as he is one of the most talented, gracious and selfless professionals to ever work in comics. His work has inspired countless artists.
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I know. He inspired me, too. :D I actually like his Batman: Hush series(which had variety shapes of the faces). It's just that I was always thinking, "Isn't he tired of drawing the same face?". I mean, com'on, almost every character he draws looks like Superman.
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Well, Mon-El is probably the one Legionnaire who resembles Superman the most...It's not that they all look the same, but they are drawn in his style. Same can be said about other greats in the industry like Byrne, Neal Adams, George Perez, Campbell to name a few. Also, when we are on a tight deadline, a lot of us have an "automatic" mode we can switch to that helps us speed up. When that happens, our "style" is very evident.
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Ah. You got me. Well, your opinion makes more sense.
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Don't get me wrong. You, along with everyone else are entitled to your opinion. I'm just offering some insight into our process to help clarify. I do appreciate you being open and understanding when discussing this. Most folks dig in, get upset and nasty.

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I've seen the same with Michael Turner, like, for example his face for Superman was the exact same for both Thor and Cannon. Not that it's a bad thing or anything, but it gets a bit static when it happens all the time...
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