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11" x 17" @ 450 DPI. Art By Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair. This is the cover for the ICONS: Jim Lee book :[link] Do yourself a favor and get a copy of it. It has so much Jim Lee eye candy in it that you'll get cavities from it (I know, bad joke). Features his pencil, ink, painted, sketch and everything else work in there. Worth every penny and then some.

This was the second cover Jim drew for the book because he thought the first attempt didn't quite cut it. I disagree, but really do like this final version better than the first.

All Characters and Art ™ & © 2010 DC Comics. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Please send me a note if you are interested in purchasing a 1 of 1 Artist's Proof of this or any image in my Gallery.
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Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are the hearts and souls of the DC Universe, and you, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams did them so much justice with this piece.
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Outstandng collab!!! Your colouring style is awesome! The Icons book is amazing - I recently purchased it and can't stop studying the art :)
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Thanks so much!
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I love the cover. And yes, I have the book and I enjoyed every page of the book.
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:) Glad you enjoyed it!
I have the book and Eye Candy does not even begin to explain the awesomeness off it.
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Hi Alex, I like this one also, still available? looks like my wife is gonna be pissed at me as i might spend all my savings buying your gallery haahaaa
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badass...true that, definitely 3 of our greatest cultural icons
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Do you mind me asking what materials were used to make this?
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Jim used pencil (mechanical, I believe), Scott uses an ink he mixes himself, and inks using crow quill and brush, I used Photoshop to color it digitally.
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I see. Thank you!
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My wife gave me the book for Christmas and I LOVE it! Great read with so much art from pencil to ink to color. The cover art turned out beautifully as well. Nice work!
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Glad you liked it!
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Wow, I just got my copy of X-men MUTANT GENESIS to complete some missing links in my reading, and am now thinking of really looking into this book..
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worth every penny
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Great color man! congratulations.
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Thank you! I still haven't forgotten about your Jim Chueng pice you want me to critique. Been really busy, but I WILL get to it.
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