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Been forever since I've updated, kind of got distracted with new jobs, finishing my movie (it's up on iTunes/Amazon now!) and all that fun stuff.

Will try to upload some pics from my recent trip to Japan soon!
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I've been running around making a movie ( so I haven't been taking a lot of photos.  Phillip has done more photography than I have, so I'll be uploading a few pictures from both of us in the next hour or so.  I'm hoping to get in the habit of this, but best laid plans and all that...

Anyway, check out the site for my movie!  It's amazing.
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I'm finally getting around to uploading a few more random photos.  I'm going to TRY to keep up with putting up a few new pictures a day.  I got a little caught up in this messy thing called grad school.

BUT, I finished and I've started a new film project too!  Check it out:

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A lot of today's uploads will be views if the trees and landscapes around Lake Anne in Reston, Virginia.  Most of these were probably taken by my husband Phillip on walks and bike rides along the trails here.  Enjoy, and please purchase a print if you like the photos!
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It's been a while (a whole year!) but I'm uploading photos again.  All of my pictures are available as prints, so please consider purchasing one!  I'm a graduate student and I'm trying to work my way through school, it's difficult going.
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I'm currently uploading some of my favorite pictures from our trip to Las Vegas in November of 2007.  Please keep checking back to see all of them!
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