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Penrose Knots

By Sinande
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I may be a biologist by training, but I've had a soft spot for mathematics ever since I first got a decent maths teacher twenty years ago. I'm particularly fascinated by all the ways in which infinitely complex structures can emerge from relatively simple rules. I've also been told I'm pretty good at drawing geometric stuff without construction aids... so I got it in my head to create a knotwork design based on the P2 ("kites and darts") Penrose_tiling, which can cover the infinite plane using only two simple shapes without ever quite repeating itself. Shapes based on regular pentagons. That was an interesting challenge for my freehand geometry skills...

Alas, an A4 page wasn't large enough for me to decorate the knots with proper Book of Kells-esque animal heads, but I couldn't resist throwing in at least a few eyes.

(I had to fix the left-hand border digitally, because I started the design from the centre - or rather, slightly *off*-centre -, and ran into the spiral binding of my sketchbook like a muppet. Apparently those mad geometry skills don't extend to accurately judging the size of the page. Long live the clone stamp tool!)
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