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On the One

Its been too long :)

Kind of like an Aerodynamic remix really.

Tell me what you think
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furkantektas's avatar
magnificient work.. congurulations..
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Glad ya like it :)
DagHagerius's avatar
It's very pleasing to look at :)
vezun's avatar
i like the piece. and the title.
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ENAM's avatar
Rich colours.. I like it :rose:
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bezginyus's avatar
Awesome blending!:)
rifani89's avatar
great . . how you make it??
sinan's avatar
This was done in photoshop, layer by layer and I just kind of built it up as I went along. Glad you like it my man :)
rifani89's avatar
WOW . Thanks . . :D
pr0xyzer's avatar
First I thought it was too much, too much colors and lines. But then I absolutely loved it .___.
sinan's avatar
Glad to hear you stuck around :)
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worC's avatar
WHOA, how come I missed it? :wow:
DeFined04's avatar
Good work, as always would def use it as a wallpaper if you ever make one.
illiyun's avatar
it is beautiful in a very subtle way :)
stailfish's avatar
Awesome. Can we get it in a wallpaper??
FourOneSeven's avatar
Fan.tastic. It's just a symphony of movement and color- I love this. Also, very profound quote on the left...
psychoheat's avatar
really good job my firend, excelent comeback
El-ArGeNtO's avatar
love the silk look of this :)
my only complaint is that there's a bit too much information upside, but that's just a matter of like :) you've got to tell me how you proceed to do stuff like this, it's so...abstract but full of climate :)
arcticTransfuse's avatar
Oh hells yeah.

Also, you've got me rocking a Kid Cudi/Pink Floyd combo. My brain is confused.
Vanhardisk's avatar
Did you make it in Photoshop?

Just a pure bomb of awesomness!
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