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November 4, 2007
Dynamic 1.03 by ~sinan is a really simple but beautiful Winamp Skin. It matches almost every theme on earth, easy on the eyes, small on the desktop, and stylish as always! Be sure to check out the rest of his works!
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Dynamic 1.2

Updated 23/02/2009

Do not download this, download Dynamic Deux from this [link] , fixed all the main issues that people had (apart from pose, that shits there for life son)

A simple streamlined skin for those who like their winamp to just sit in the corner.

I added quite a few little "cools" so check it out and let me know what you think.

Comments, favs, death threats, angry mob standing outside my house chanting hateful slogans are all welcome :)

© 2007 - 2022 sinan
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OlendelL's avatar

When I discovered this Dynamic skin, I loved it. Then a Winamp update caused it to not to work, so I made a DynamicMod version of it a few years ago by adding some missing ) or }. I know you made in the meantime DynamicDeux, which works nicely, but for the previous-version lover like me, it might be interesting to have it. It works with the latest winamp on my W7 64bits and worked earlier on XP SP3 32bits without any error message.
I have to thank you for making this great and stylised skin.



P.S.: Link to DynamicMod : [link]
myjuman's avatar
btw its awsome
myjuman's avatar
which software r you using....
sinan's avatar
what do mean? I used Photoshop and notepad to make the skin if that's what you're referring to. Oh and thanks :) Glad ya like it
elfion's avatar
i actually like this skin a lot more than Deux... is there any chance you could fix it?... i figured out how to get rid of the problems with XML (two unclosed tags in system-elements.xml and components-elements.xml) but Now Playing in Library still crashes winamp... how did you fix that?
lilitheden's avatar
Hey the link doesn't work.

> Do not download this, download Dynamic Deux from this [link] fixed all the main issues that people had (apart from pose, that shits there for life son)<
LordMayorem's avatar
that's so awesome.

love it!
Dschub-ba's avatar
I love the skin, it's wonderful. The best of my favorites.
sinan's avatar
Thanks! :) You should deffo check out the updated version, [link] its smoother and has a volume control on it too :)
Al-Ninio's avatar
Excellent skin!
Though one problem I'm having - when I open the playlist editor all I get is a black window.

Wonderful skin though, and damn STYLISH.
sinan's avatar
I wish I could help you man, but my winamp has stopped working altogether so I cant really look into it :(

Thanks though :) Glad ya like it (well the bits that work :lol:)
funckedup's avatar
I would love this skin to be updated for the newer versions of winamp !!!
Sorry, but where can I see the volume?
Can only change it with mousewheel and I don't like that so much.
Maybe I'm blind at the moment, or is there no?

Please answer me ^^
Hope there is one...

But I like all I've seen 'bout the Skin till now.
sinan's avatar
This version doesnt have a volume control, but the updated one does, you can find it here [link] :)
m1chbeck's avatar
i really love your skin but i get:

error parsing xml layer

asynchronous entity in line 36
asynchronous entity in line 174

since i installed the new winamp version.
pls let me know how to fix it.
Thx in Advance
sinan's avatar
A lot of people seem to be having the same problem, but atm my winamp doesnt work, so I cant fix it sorry :(

Try out [link] and see if it still happens ...
I've just found the solution.

Edit components-elements.xml and add </elements> at the end. Then edit system-elements.xml and add <elements> at the beginning. Both files are in Dynamic_1_2_by_sinan/xml directory.

DYNAMICdeux skin has the same issue and this solution also should work.

Anyway, awesome skin :)
sinan's avatar
You're an absolute legend mate! I've update DEUX and Luscious now, dont see a point in updating this since DEUX is far better.
tschomue's avatar
exactly the same error with your DYNAMICdeux skin...
m1chbeck's avatar
well, winamp runs on my computer so i could check it but i dunno how to "debug" the xml
or something. is there a developer toolkit or help you could recommend so i could
figure it out for you/me/the community ?
m1chbeck's avatar
i mean it doesnt even state which xml-file.
but the only ones which have a 36th line are
and i dont find an error there.
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