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I believe I'm one of many women (and men) who don't want to have kids. It's not that I necessarily despise them, though I really could do without them. But in my own personal opinion, I just don't think I'd be a great parent. As I am now, I don't believe I'd ever want to bother with kids because I would just stress way more than I already do. I don't NEED kids to be happy. I don't NEED children to be complete. Many people seem to think that women are meant to continue the next generation of her family, to reproduce. I don't like these people because they make women sound like nothing more than breeding stock. Besides that, as the video explains, just because I refuse to have kids doesn't mean the world's population is going to go into immediate danger. I mean, come on. There's over a billion people on this planet. It won't hurt not to have kids. Especially if you're not even remotely prepared for them. Even if you ARE "prepared", you're really not in actuality. No one is prepared for raising kids--at least first-time moms. Even if you do a shitload of research, it's still going to be overwhelming, I'm sure.

Anyway, go watch the video and subscribe to her. She's awesome!
TheWingedSkeleton Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't want kids either, I do want alot of pets tho x3
CaptainSpyro Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013
Ditto; all the way.

Granted I don't even have a girlfriend at this point, but either way I doubt I could handle kids at this point; in addition to other stresses going on.
PeregrinStaraptor Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013
Well are definitely not alone on this. I don't have kids myself, and as evidence of how I am towards my nieces and nephews...I can't handle taking care of them so whenever I tell people I don't plan on having kids anytime soon...I'm dead set on keeping that promise. Even though I'm a kid at heart, I'm just not ready nor see myself being a father in the immediate or far off future. But I do agree with you that women are not put on this planet to be 'breeding stock'.
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September 19, 2013
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