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Please... don't let me alone

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Eeyup. She played Wakfu to often.
I just fell in love with the Eniripsas... they're so... *uhmpfkslfs* :iconrlyplz:
Love their design, their magic :heart: Can't play any other character right now... except my 2nd Eniripsa "Inzer" *slapped*

So, yeah. Basically you can see my Eniripsa Natiole (name of my favorite character out of "die Trolle"... who died in the very first fucking book .____.) trying to get his little bunny back to life.
True story bro. My comrades in Wakfu killed the little poor thing way to often in my opinion. Of course it was always an "accident" :'D the stupid little thing gets in the way like in every fight.

I think there will be more Wakfu-related pictures. So many ideas in my head :iconwhoareyoupeopleplz:

I was just doodling. Than. That happened. So don't mind the crappy coloring and all. :3
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don't worry dear ;)
if natiole won't be able to heal hasi Lumeis Gobgob will eat it, so we can reincarnate it whenever we want ;)

more of these please :D

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Hasi will always be to our rescue! :D

I wanted to draw Lumei, Datren or Stevia and Natiole together xD the picture was so damn cool in my head xD

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If i ever happen to arrive at my Part Time home i will try something like this... I think I hopey art block disappears...
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Yay :la:

You have art block?! For real? oO
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yeah... somehow.. hope to get over it soon
but im really happy your artblock ended ;)