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Stegodon aurorae

曙光剑齿象(Stegodon aurorae)
This is a species small stegodon, life in early Pleistocene Japan .

The fossil show their shoulder height is 1.6~2 m. Very interesting,their fossil showed they appeared dwarf phenomenon. Their limbs obviously shortened, but their body is still relatively thick. that makes them look quite strange. Such a body structure shows that they may perched on more rugged mountain forest. Their short limbs can be more stable and effective through rugged ground, low body can avoid the lush forest plants.

In fact,similar phenomenon is not rare, this phenomenon also appeared in Palaeoloxodon falconeri and Mammuthus exilis.

We may need to pay attention, when the Large animals appear island effect, expression form is the differences. Some animals only size become smaller, but its body proportion with the mainland ancestors still very same,or difference is not obvious. when the other animals's size become smaller ,their body proportion also notable changes at the same time. They lost mainland ancestors body proportions.
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