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Survivors - 2019

Thank you for all your support and kindness.

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"Not a word!" the captain growled between his yellow clenched teeth. "Not one bloody word!"

Still chained and carrying, as best as he could the weighted shackles on his bare and bleeding feet.

The bright yellow and orange light from the flames that had completely enveloped the pirates Spanish gallon lit up the night sky.

He had warned them.

Begged them not to take him hostage...

"It won't be safe!" the young royal pleaded to the black hearted ruffians. "They won't let you get away with it! They will look for you, they..."

But the infamous Black Raven, a man with no human sympathies, would not listen, and let loose a cold mirthless laugh.

"And miss out on a Prince's Ransom!?" The grizzle bearded captain's eyes shown with a cruel avarice.

"If you're not man enough to take me in a fair fight then don't belly ache about your losses after the fact!"

Now, as the prince and the surviving pirates pushed their longboat up the deserted island shore, the prince worried, genuinely feared what the kin an kith of his dearly betrothed would do once they reached the shore.

What horrors would await the vile captain and his poor unfortunate men when the mer-king arrived...

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"Well, it hasn't yet"

"Just wait"

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Amazing work!

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Great scene! Looks like the plot of an adventure I'm writing up

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This is impressive! Good job!

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Wow. That is amazing looking and powerful.

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This looks great!

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