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Published: December 30, 2011
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Squeee I'm so proud to present u the first picture of our London tour
The jacket is my very own design and making and I'm very proud of it ♥ Watch out for upcoming pictures and pieces of my new collection

Photographer, retouch: :iconmarcoribbe-de: :heart:

You can also visit my facebook page for the latest news and more pictures :)


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Love the refrence to The Doors song and nice jacket
AngharaDeBurry's avatar
Oh wow.. Very beautiful and sexy.. And what a great jacket !
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YogamiStudent Digital Artist
Holy crap you made that jacket? So awesome!
XizerTheGrey's avatar
Again impressive. It takes a lot of confidence to do modelling. You also seem to have a natural talent for it that shows in your creative and beautiful shoots.
CountessMalicia's avatar
Great picture. Love the colour of your hair <3
StudioAdVentures's avatar
StudioAdVenturesProfessional Photographer
Rock On! Hope you find what you are looking for.
Those do belong in stunning legs.
SinaDominoCollins's avatar
SinaDominoCollinsProfessional Photographer
Thank you so much! I get way too many cmts about being too skinny *rolleyes*
brausebrocken's avatar
Are you kidding? Her thighs look about as thick around as my calf, and I'm skinny. This girl looks like chicken bones.
KandiViXenKHAOS-92's avatar
KandiViXenKHAOS-92Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd have to agree. not even my thighs are that thin...and I have an eating disorder.=/...I wish I was this thin.Y^Y...
brausebrocken's avatar
I guess I'm more criticizing her lack of muscle more than anything else. I think it's more impressive and flattering to be skinny yet reasonably muscular. When you look like this girl, you just appear sickly (she obviously doesn't work out much if at all - she looks like that because she doesn't EAT nearly enough). But I find that if I work out too much then my muscles just get bluky and that's not attractive either. It's about finding the right balance. (sorry if it's a bit confusing, maybe you know what I mean :) )
KandiViXenKHAOS-92's avatar
KandiViXenKHAOS-92Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah, I understand. I belly dance and on top of that, have an eating disorder and STILL don't think I'm nearly pretty enough.Y^Y

the last time I weighed myself, I was 91 pounds and I'm 5'3'', but that was over a month I don't now if I've gained weight or, I've begun restricting my diet even tighter now...

I just guess that this is what men find attractive now...and I'll never fit into that category.Y^Y...
why do men find thin women more attractive anyway?...what do they have that I don't?...I use to have GG sized breasts a while back when I was at 115 lbs, but now I'm between a C and a D...still pretty big,...but I've been told they're too big.=/...

O.o...I'm sorry I just emotionally purged all over you!!!Y^Y I didn't mean to...this is just a REALLY sensitive topic for me.=/...I've tried getting help, but finding images like this is <x>extremely hindering to my non-existent progress...hell...I don't know whether I'm more bothered by the image...or by the fact that so many people (mainly men) think it's attractive to look like that...though they TELL me that it's not...=/...which is it?...or is it the fact that they think it's attractive, but when they see someone they care about killing themselves to look like that, it's wrong?...I don't understand.Y^Y...please help me to understand it.Y^Y
brausebrocken's avatar
Hey, I get it. :) I'm close to being underweight myself. I would certainly be underweight if I didn't exercise so much. I started rapidly losing weight when I had a health scare and decided to start eating healthy and exercising more. At the time I was at a mid-range normal body weight. You know what else? I used to have GG cup breasts 35 lbs ago. Now they're F. I know exactly how you feel.

I think the men who are drooling all over these women are responding to how "easy" they look. This girl is in a really provocative pose with lots of skin showing. The really skinny girls walk around with ass-showing shorts in the summer and painted on jeans in the winter. But think about the KIND of man you want to attract. Do you want one that just responds to that kind of superficial crap? I realize this is art, so in that way it might be acceptable. But I'm pretty sure this model wouldn't show this picture to her father. I sure wouldn't.

I wish thinspo wouldn't exist. I wish the glorification of women who look like this was more limited. The woman in this photo represents 4% of women in the US population. It's great to show off rare gems but when you make that the standard - it leaves other beautiful body types and styles to be underappreciated or even rejected. Let's just put it this way - what do you think looks better with clothes off - a skeleton or a lean/muscular woman? I mean, after all, we strive for attractiveness to entice a mate to reproduce.

I do think that men want women with toned bodies in the "normal" weight range. There are also certain body shapes that are more attractive than others. But then that's something you CAN'T change no matter how much weight you lose unless you're nearly at the point of death from being underweight. On top of that, I think a lot of men are most attracted to youthful women. Getting super, super skinny takes it to the extreme - then you start looking pre-pubescent. In fact, a lot of anorexics stop getting their periods. But the name of the game is looking young, fresh, fit and healthy. You can't exude that if you look like chicken bones.
KandiViXenKHAOS-92's avatar
KandiViXenKHAOS-92Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah...I wish more people thought like you, though I think plus sized women can be JUST as beautiful.=3
in fact, if you visit my page, you'll see the type of company I'm wanting to run.=3 it's a lingerie line for hard to fit women that can't just go to Victoria Secret to buy a bra.=/
brausebrocken's avatar
Bless you! We need some cute and sexy styles!

I knew a chick that worked at Victorias Secret in one of my classes and when I told her my bra size, she actually started laughing at me. And ironically, their whole image is about pushing up and making bigger... Yet they don't have models with big breasts and they don't offer anything larger than D.
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MarcoRibbe-deProfessional Photographer
Then you must have some chubby calves, miss! Better eat healthier then... Overweight is curable...
brausebrocken's avatar
*lol* but stupid isn't! :(
MarcoRibbe-de's avatar
MarcoRibbe-deProfessional Photographer
dann gibts wohl doch keine Heilung für dich Kindchen. Pity ;-)
Das Substantiv das du suchst ist btw "stupidity"... so macht der Satz wenig Sinn ;)
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I like the contrast that your jacket and your hair bring! Also the jacket kicks ass :D
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SinaDominoCollinsProfessional Photographer
Awww thank u so much!!
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This is beautiful. and sexy, in a completely un-tacky way. very nice :]
SinaDominoCollins's avatar
SinaDominoCollinsProfessional Photographer
Thank u so much!!
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Beautiful.........excellent work on that jacket......
SinaDominoCollins's avatar
SinaDominoCollinsProfessional Photographer
Thanks so much!
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floggerSGHobbyist Photographer
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