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Hellur... This is my page XD by Sin-gelixal, visual art

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My Bio
:iconchinny-flareysnowzz: kind ol' sis <3 She is pretty girly in a good way, hyper, and energetic. Never leave your energetic-ness!
:iconcaptainboopsoup: awh, my good pal Boopers! Memey and talented, pure Filipino.
:iconicekunny4: best bro :,3 The thoughtful, intelligent, and chillest! A good Filipino pal.
:iconfleyyi: OnE OF MY BESTEST FREENDS-- OOFERS--- We constantly LAUGH at everything we do. Jokes, mistakes, and just plain stupidity! She feels like a sibling almost, even though I'm an only child ;w;
:iconjuneblue19aj: one of my best buds upon rejoining DA! where are you, my girl- We would always talk with each other about Eddsworld and stuff! Hasn't been so active sadly..
:iconplaneti: never wanna leave your side, my pal. >:D The master oF HUMMUS!! She has pretty neat humor, and we would constantly favorite each other's work, haha!
:iconfraybot: YEETUS my girl who i've made friends with a while back when I rejoined DA!! She can get frickin' rowdy, always yeetin' that stuff. She's a lover for musicals, and I'm jealous she has more friends lol.
:iconkierakkittyy: and :iconkandyisbestboi: aaHH my super lovely dovely double-duo friendos! Always hitting up with the "owo" and the "uwu"!
:iconmyaniii: My friend that I always wish to talk to everyday, and yet we see each other nearLY EVERYDAY!! One year of friendship! She always laughs at my jokes, pfft. I hope we talk more tho! ^w^
:iconcyborghost: One of Fraybot's and Kiera's friends, and my friend! She's frickiN aWESOME AT ART! We only notice each other on Discord, and she doesn't notice me on DeviantArt dojfkjdnfksjdnf-
:iconstar000111: Girl! My boi! She is an aspiring artist, about to improve a lot! I luv her as a friend, hehe.
:iconfractalwings: YO! The one who's always so active in my Discord server XD. She is friends with Cybor, Fraybot, and of course me. We don't talk too much though, but we definitely recognize each other.
:iconfraiynah: The Filipino gal who really LOVES Yuri On Ice and anime--
:iconmissrevolution1776: My good ol' historic friend who I've met in American Revolution Amino!!

And many more friends yet to come....

Previously known as Apple-Channy
Applepenguindarandom, but I don't think you'll need to know that qwq
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Favourite Movies
Historic, Biographic, Drama... etc.!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Classical Music, Classic Rock like The Beatles, Queen, etc., Indie/Alternative, or just songs from the 1960s-90s!
Favourite Books
No idea... I love historic/historical fiction though ;)
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Minecraft, Roblox, TF2, whatever. >:)
HapPy OCTOBER!!! So much has been going on when I wasn't posting Status Updates! Anyway, I've hosted a map on YouTube recently. It's a D:BH map, and it's for a special! If you're very familiar with DBH and/or you can draw or animate, feel free to joi...
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I've recently reached 2000+ subscribers on my channel!! YAY- AAGH- I have way too much videos on que, I really need to finish them just in time to make the special. Can't wait to show the special though, if you could guess what it is!.. Heheh... Than...
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I am making this gift for my dad with this Baldi and Player animatic, where Baldi acts like a literal father-figure towards the player X,3 I could've done Tom's dad and Tom as a young kid, but I wanted to save that for later and do something other th...
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Hope you are going to have a wonderful day. :3c
Gotta say, I just watched your animatics, and they're HILARIOUS! The Mozart one was definitely my favourite; I just sent it to my music history discord server!
Mon ami, thank you, thank you again! I could tell that you're a classical composer fan yourself, too? >: D (I looked through a few drawings in your gallery, so I thought it was safe to assume, lmao!)
I wonder what those guys in the server thought? It's gonna be funny to see their reactions, mwahahaha! (ah I'm weird.)