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Kingdom X By Ziggyman by lurch-jr Kingdom X By Ziggyman :iconlurch-jr:lurch-jr 12 1
Fox Brothers shows besides Amalgam Comics ones...
Main Fox Brothers related shows
-Mickey Bunny (Mickey Mouse + Bugs Bunny)
-Daffy Don the Sailor Duck (Donald Duck + Daffy Duck + Popeye)
—Daffy Don’s Ducktales
-Bucky Beaver (Goofy + Woody Woodpecker)
-Stinky & the Reign (Ren & Stimpy + Pinky & the Brain)
-Oswald the Maniac (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit + Bonkers + Animaniacs)
-My Ducko Academia (Quack Pack + Tiny Toon Adventures) [probably not the actual title]
-Chipper’s Mystery Rangers (Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers + Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries)
-Darkwing Duck Dodgers (Darkwing Duck + Duck Dodgers)
-Lunatick! (The Tick + Freakazoid)
60’s/70’s/80’s Era
-Mighty Mutt (Mighty Mouse + Underdog)
-Mystery Shack Inc. (Gravity Falls + Scooby-Doo)
-Space Phantom (Danny Phantom + Space Ghost)
-The Stonesons (The Simpsons + the Flintstones)
-The Futurians (Futurama + the Jetsons)
-Max Quest (Mighty Max + Jonny Quest)
-BlueBird & Rex Avenger (Blue Falcon & Dynomutt +
:icontotalgymvssonic:totalgymvssonic 5 4
Darker Instincts (Killer Instinct/Darkstalkers)
Random Amalgams journal, since I see people doing those. I’ve seen a few Street Fighter + Mortal Kombat or King of Fighters lists, but very few for Killer Instinct, or any for Darkstalkers, as a far as I know...
Darker Instincts 1 Cast
Black Death (Morrigan + Black Orchid) [Succubus assassin]
Elizabeth (Felicia + Riptor) [Nun who wants to become a popstar, but she’s also got lizard features]
Jon Wolfe (Jon Talbain + Sabrewulf) [He’s a werewolf]
Drake (Demitri + Jago) [Vampire ninja]
Frank N. Boxer (Victor + TJ Combo) [Boxing Frankenstein’s monster]
Skeleton Lord (Spinal + Lord Raptor) [Skeletal rocker with a guitar/axe and shield]
Ra (Anakaris + Kan-Ra) [Mummified birdman God]
Kagutsuchi (Bishamon + Cinder) [Fiery undead samurai]
Leviathan (Rikuo + Tusk) [Fish-like aquatic barbarian w/a harpoon]
Abominable Snowman (Sasquatch + Glacius) [Icy, yet hairy beast]
Phogon (Huitzil +
:icontotalgymvssonic:totalgymvssonic 4 9
Star vs the Gravity (and Morty) by mariods Star vs the Gravity (and Morty) :iconmariods:mariods 425 56 USS Falcon Multi-View by captshade USS Falcon Multi-View :iconcaptshade:captshade 61 14 Dead Angel by pika1979 Dead Angel :iconpika1979:pika1979 7 1 DC/Marvel- Captain Bat (redrawn) by Newworlds117 DC/Marvel- Captain Bat (redrawn) :iconnewworlds117:Newworlds117 12 2
Justice Avengers United (JLI + USAvengers)
*So a little note, this is not actually based off the USAvengers team. I never really got into that team but I do love the 50 states variant/poster, which is what I will be basing off for all these characters. Yep. I am going to try to cram 50 characters into this while keeping the Justice League International feel to it.
Blue Ant II (Ted Kord + Scott Lang)
    Blue Ant III (Jaime Reyes + Eric O'Grady)
    Blue Wasp (Blue Jay + Wasp)
The Incredible Hawk (Katar Hol + The Incredible Hulk)
    Totally Awesome Hawk (Fel Andar + Totally Awesome Hulk)
    She-Hawk (Sharon Parker + She-Hulk)
    Red Condor (Black Condor + Red Hulk)
Meta-Thing (Metamorpho + Thing)
Sentinel (Triumph + Sentry)
Battalion Man I (Batman + Captain America: Steve Rogers)
    Night Soldier (Nightwing + Wi
:iconstormbreaker616:Stormbreaker616 6 0
they bathe in blood of a hundred hearts by ctdsnark
Mature content
they bathe in blood of a hundred hearts :iconctdsnark:ctdsnark 14 2
gothic revisited by ctdsnark
Mature content
gothic revisited :iconctdsnark:ctdsnark 11 0
X-titans by Harlequins-Graveyard X-titans :iconharlequins-graveyard:Harlequins-Graveyard 13 1 The Justice Initiative by Harlequins-Graveyard The Justice Initiative :iconharlequins-graveyard:Harlequins-Graveyard 9 0 Total drama - A taste of the other side by Abrigedfoamy
Mature content
Total drama - A taste of the other side :iconabrigedfoamy:Abrigedfoamy 8 2
Amalgam Character Music Playlist Part 3
Vol 3. Lunatic Fringe
*this is inspired by lurch-jr 's series of X-Men merged with various Batman Villains. I also just wanna say this is probably my favorite Playlist I've made so far, so you guys can expect a sequel to this and Justice Avengers at some point.
1. Acolyte (Azrael + Archangel)
    Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin
2. Sub-Zero (Mr. Freeze + Iceman)
    World So Cold by Three Days Grace
3. Dinosaur (Killer Croc + Sabretooth)
    Getting Away With Murder by Papa Roach
4. Wolfsbane (Bane + Wolverine)
    Chalk Outline by Three Days Grace
5. Hugo Xavier (Hugo Strange + Charles Xavier)
    My Evil Plan to Save the World by Five Iron Frenzy
6. She-Wolf (Anthony Romulus + Wolfsbane)
    She-Wolf by Megadeth
7. Whisper (Hush + Banshee)
    Whispers in the Dark by Skillet
8. Magician (E
:iconstormbreaker616:Stormbreaker616 5 3
Agent Maggie Simpson by Needham-Comics Agent Maggie Simpson :iconneedham-comics:Needham-Comics 23 3 The Fantastic League By ctdsnark by lurch-jr The Fantastic League By ctdsnark :iconlurch-jr:lurch-jr 4 0



United States
Hi you Deviantfolks,
Just to let y'all know that in 2019 I'm going to create my very own fan-game stories cause of Sprite-Genius who made the fan-game stories based franchise Brutal Fists that inspired me to make the future fan stories that I'm go to make, so here's my list of fan-game stories that are coming soon.........

Let's get started with the fighters -

1. Power Arena - a superhero based fighting game where everyone on this parallel earth has superpowers (Earth X meets Fight Club meets Heroes meets Marvel Vs. Capcom meets Injustice: Gods Among Us) and the character specific losing screens that are going to be based off of the Batman Arkham series game over scenes.

2. Weird Slamfest - A bizarre wrestling reality show fighting game where a total of 52 different combative contestants come from each alternate universes looking to compete for a prize and there can be only one male and one female going to be the next multiversal wrestling superstar, think Total Drama mixed in with WWE's Tough Enough/WWE's Diva Search and added with Sliders.

3. Fight Fight Revolution - A casual 2.5D fighting game where you try to combine both Dance and Martial Art skills, just imagine Dance, Dance Revolution without the dance pad and Fighters Within especially without the Kinect (I'm looking at you XBox One). >;(

4. Gorepalusa - a group consisting of the most 25 of the deadliest fighters from around the globe taken to an unknown island forced to compete against fused clones of historical/modern warriors (American Gladiators + Deadliest Warrior + Bloodsport + The Island of Doctor Monroe)

5. Knightfall - A mech warrior based fighting game 13 heroes must take on dangerous Kajius, it's kind of like Voltron meets Pacific Rim meets Starship Troopers meets Cyberbots meets Halo meets War of the Monsters meets Primal Rage (not to be confused with the other title you know that one DC comics event where Batman's back is shattered by Bane)

6. Dark Love - An artistic and yet Gothic neo-fairy tale fighting game noir.

7. Whacky Fighters - Just imagine if The King of Fighters added with Tekken blended in with Looney Tunes, well It's kind of a Clay Fighter expy.

Action/Adventure beat'em ups -

8. Lovers of the Powerful - 8 heroines must band together to save thier kidnapped husbands & boyfriends, it's kind of an homage to the old school beat'em ups specially X-Men: Arcade Game, Captain America and the Avengers & Final Fight with a feminine twist minus the macho mediocrity.

9. Horror Tech - An entire world overrun with vampire tyranny, werewolf anarchy and the epidemic zombie outbreak, the FBI & CIA are devastatingly underestimated & the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are overwhelmed they can even no longer go into the battlefield so they now send in robots and Androids to do the job, imagine Contra blended with Megaman combine with Castlevania along with True Blood, The Howling and The Walking Dead.

10. Age of Shadows - A hardcore NC-17 action/adventure game (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe + The Legend of Zelda + God of War + Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon + Ninja Assassin + Game of Thrones)

11. Magic Trigger - An unlikely gang of anti-heroic elemental demons going up against the tyrannical, always lawfully evil alien overlords.

Puzzle/Board game hybrids

12. Hard Choices - A board game/game show inspiration it’s Jeopardy meets The Price is Right meets Monopoly meets The Game of Life.

13. High Risks - An another board game inspiration classical that is (Chess + Checkers + Backgammon + Chinese Checkers + Magic: The Gathering in SPACE)

14. Puzzle Meister - the ever wildly strange amalgamation between Wheel of Fortune and Tetris.

15. Ball Play - A thinking man’s hybrid sport it’s Billiards meets Bowling meets Pong meets Pinball meets Poker.


16. Air Ryders - Imagine if Top Gun and The Fast & The Furious had a baby?

17. Space Savior  - An homage to the space shooter genre such as Space Invaders, Galaga and R-Type.

RPG (Role Playing Games)

18. Equest - Imagine Final Fantasy, Earthbound and Shadowrun with just PONIES!

So what are your thoughts? let me know in the comment section, so I'll see y'all later bye! ;)


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