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Poder Isle

Stocks from:
:iconravenstocks: Background Mountain
:iconsolstock: Foreground
:icondadstock: Steps-Doorway
:iconfairiegoodmother: Bridge, Gazebo,
:iconeireen: Rock Buildings [link]

Thanks to all. :)
Comments always appreciated and welcomed!
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Amazing, scene. Thx. for a download. I used it for basically for learning while I'm picking up pace in other areas of the workflow for scenes and 3D modeling renders.…
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ooh nice work Tina. very eerie
Simplytina's avatar
Thanks Ruth! How r u? How's the puppers? We have a 9 mo. old Brindle English mastiff and a 13 Mo. Fawn Bull mastiff now, they are so HUGE, we love 'em to death. Bux died Last March on the 24th..still so broke up about it. Hope you're doing well. Thanks again. :)
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we're all good thanks. yeah I was sorry to hear about Bux, we lost Alf in may last year he died of lymphoma, the same as Abb and he was the same age too, only 4. :( so now both our mastiffs are mixed breed rescues. Aggie seems to be crossed with a bull terrier and Gully might be part Great Dane the great lanky beast. They're both nuts so they fit in nicely ;)

Have you got any pics anywhere on the net of your beasties so I can have a look?
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Here's a link to my two boys...Jak is blind in one eye since birth, so you might notice his right eye looks kinda funky. :)
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They are both gorgeous Tina. Jak looks a real babe, did I see some video footage of Sam a while back with some pugs?? or was that someone else I'm thinking of?
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Yah, that was my video, I have a link off of my DevPageJournal that takes you to Youtube to the more recent videos of them playing.
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