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My backlog of commissions has reached a new level of terrifying, so commissions are going to have to close. :P I'll still be working on the commissions of those I've contacted already. :)

I may be up for taking commissions again in August.

Journal Skins

All journal skins come with some essential basics:

  • Backgrounds: colors, patterns, or textures
  • Custom fonts and styled headers
  • Header/footer images

You can then commission specific custom features that you would like included in your journal. Some popular features that I can code are:

  • Menus/Links
  • Columns/Sidebars
  • Scroll bars
  • Styled Lit and Image Thumbs
  • Author avatar (great for group skins)
  • Buttons/Social Media Icons
  • Custom Boxes
  • Special cursors
  • Blockquotes

All skins will also now come with CSS3 transitions (try hovering over the prices below for an example).


1000 pts

Simple Journal Skin

A basic journal skin that is simple and very easy to use.  Includes ~1 custom feature.


1500 pts

Regular Journal Skin

A regular journal skin great for everyday, personal use. Includes ~2-3 custom features.



Complex Journal Skin

An awesome journal skin personalized to perfection. Includes 4+ custom features.


1. Commissioning

Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, you can contact me through comment or note. I will let you know whether your designs are possible (they almost always are) and how much your skin would cost.

2. Payment

I accept both points and PayPal. For points, you may either pay all of it upfront or half at the beginning and half at the end. For PayPal, it is most efficient to pay me everything upfront (I will send you my address).

3. Designing

Please note that I will not be doing any major designing for these journals. I am most happy to offer suggestions and tips to make your journals more visibly pleasing, but I will not be creating designs/art from scratch. Please provide me with all of the resources that your journal will need, including:

  • Text: Pick font(s) from Google Fonts and specify size(s) if you have a preference.
  • Colors: Please provide the specific HTML color codes (#FFFFFF) you would like for backgrounds and text
  • Images: Send me the links to all the images, patterns, or textures you want to use.
  • Layout: If you have a design in mind, it is immensely helpful for me if you create a layout of how you would like your journal to look. The more detailed it is, the closer the final journal will look to your design.

4. Coding

Once the design has been finalized, I will start the coding. I will send you multiple live preview journals throughout the coding process so that you can always ask for any changes. All commissioners are encouraged to be as picky as needed so that everything is to their perfection.

5. Complete!

Once you are completely satisfied with the live version of your journal, I will finalize the code and send it to you through a zip file or through the premium content platform. I will include a reference sheet of all the features your journal has as well as an HTML guide for more complicated journals.

6. Support

If your journal ever has any issues (usually due to deviantART's periodic updates) or if you find a bug in your code, please let me know, and I will be more than happy to fix the problems. I am also perfectly willing to do small changes and tweaking to your code if you ever find yourself wanting some adjustments.

© 2013 - 2021 SimplySilent
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TicciTiki's avatar
Hi! I wanted to ask if you’re open?
And also, do you do Arpg home page skins??
PamTheCreator's avatar
how we put costumized skin in our journal?
i dont know how to do it
(anyone can answer me ^^)
Affyre's avatar
I have to say, I've always been impressed by your journal CSS, and even for having a 'make your own' journal creator. I'd absolutely love to have a custom journal by you.
solaviis's avatar
May I please ask when you might open commissions again?
LadyMidnightSolace's avatar
Can I ask when you might open these again? :3 
Stella-AkiraTH's avatar
dude u happen to have the one ur using up for those to use it for free for PM members >.>
SimplySilent's avatar
Tropical Fruit CSS by SimplySilent  
It's a version of this one, just with colors changed and a few other add ons. :)
Stella-AkiraTH's avatar
oh okey thanks X3
Yang-sama's avatar
I will have to got one of these personal journal skins
viralremix's avatar
When do you think you'll open again? ono
Cyndago's avatar
Still closed unu
alataya's avatar
u v u patiently awaits for another opening. :heart: All of your skins are gorgeous.
epifaniaz's avatar
SimplySilent's avatar
Unfortunately not. They may open up again in a few weeks when I have winter break, but no guarantees. :ohnoes:
epifaniaz's avatar
ok, thank you =]
Rametic's avatar
Hello there!

these are so amazing!
I was wondering... when do these open up again???
PoetryOD's avatar
*Queues up for when they reopen
SimplySilent's avatar
I start college soon and I still have a massive backlog of commissions to get through before I leave, but I shall see. :heart:
PoetryOD's avatar
I understand hon :love: It's not your fault youre so damned talented! :giggle:
01309's avatar
I knew it was going to happen after I saw the July senior announcements.  X3
ManboobLover69's avatar
Good luck finishing them all!  
I don't even want to do the single one I have. :iconmingtearsplz:
SimplySilent's avatar
Yeah, I think I slow down the more I get near the end. :XD:
RedTheCookie's avatar
i dont have enough points for the journal but i will save up 10$ for it!
can i have a comission? ill sent a note!
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