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February 2, 2014
Surreal Journal CSS by SimplySilent is a treat to the eyes. The colors match, the shapes match, the fonts used match, and all of it together makes for a journal skin looking just as spiff and professional as any full-fledged web design.
It is not only a very good skin and easily customizable, it also shows Simply's dedication, hard work, and passion. I can only admire, wide-eyed wonder, how she manages to top each of her skins with one even better.

Also suggested by SavageFrog

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Featured by GinkgoWerkstatt
Suggested by Celvas
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Surreal Journal CSS v3

:points: Commission Me | Journal Skins | Gallery Skins | Create a Journal Skin!

Journal Skin created for bradleysays' January Skin Prompt Challenges using one of the deviation prompts (Sunrise by incolor16).

Please add this skin to your favorites if you install. :+fav:

live preview

how to use

  • Author's icon, name, and symbol automatically displayed at the top of the sidebar. Update: Removed orange icons for Core members
  • Customizable sidebar description
  • Customizable sidebar links for internal or external links
  • Three colors of buttons: teal, red, and blue
  • Update: Two column layout
  • Styled blockquotes
  • Pop-Up Mini-Thumb Gallery
  • Styled Unordered (bulleted) lists
  • Styled literature thumbs and regular image thumbs (not shown)


  • August 24, 2014: Removed orange icons for Core members. Made journal mobile responsive, added columns.
  • February 25, 2014: Sidebar widened for longer usernames, mobile version added, commentslink background fixed
© 2014 - 2021 SimplySilent
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

I like the buttons, and how the whole page is set up, Very organized, 5/5 on everything. ^^ (If I had premium I would use it) I think that people who struggle with keeping things organized (Such as me) would like this a lot, it shows people where and how to find thing such as the gallery and things, And it provides a lot of space and I like that you have the username and icon of the persons account, again I would gladly use this when I get premium, might be still around I will that is, I hope that others like it too, I find it very succesful. ^^
LPAki's avatar
All your skins in general are pretty cool, but this is definitely one of my favorites.
SarcasmNymph's avatar
This is such an earned DD I can't even fathom. You always make the best possible skins. Thanks a lot! 
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Hello there, I realize this is a really old journal skin but I wanted to mention something.
The red triangle, referred to as .authorBlock:after in the code, doesn't line up perfectly at the top. I managed to fix this by changing the border-top to 69.5px instead of 70px.

Just wanted to let you know! I'm not sure if it's because of my screen size or not, though.
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This journal skin is absolutely wonderful! Lovely work really!!

I'm wondering how I can change the extra content, add a description and edit the links like the profile, gallery, etc. in the journal?
Can't seem to find out how to do it :<
SimplySilent's avatar
It's in the header section in the CSS :)
bluwish's avatar
How do I find and edit that?
kumidaa's avatar
is it possible to have only the gray content box for blockquotes in a white box w/o the ' quote ' icon? the same as what you did here?

Virtuoso Journal Skin by SimplySilent
rylanbean's avatar
Hey! Thanks for the journal skin, it's really nice and easy on the eyes! A few minor tweaks and i'll have it ready to go for my use! I do have a tiny question though! Is there any way to make the description text under the Dev name/icon a text box of sorts? I'm thinking of using it for ARPG creature tracking journals with the changes i've made (mostly minor ones) and i was going to put a small pixel of the creature there, but that would currently mean i'd need to save a copy of each version, with each pixel! o:

Sorry if this doesn't make sense! ;-;
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Hey there! First of all thank you for creating this piece of fine skin. And editing the CSS for customization has been amazing, the organization within the code is superb. I'd like to ask one question, though. The HTML code provided for the columns don't seem to work? I'm not sure if it's enough with switching the journal text to HTML, and so far the code hasn't worked for me. What would be the process to make the code itself work?
HANIICU's avatar
Having the same problem. 
AnneCullen3's avatar
how do u add the number of comments section?
KenneDuck's avatar
For some reason the mini thumb gallery isn't working and I was wondering (as I was in the html coding) if there is a new bug?
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Hello! I love this skin and I'd be really interested in using it!
I have one curiosity:
is it possible to have two sidebars for this journal, one left and one right?
I tried to duplicate the code for the sidebar and to input the command "right" instead of "left" in hopes of having a second sidebar appear to the right alongside the first.
Unfortunately it doesn't happen, as the sidebar displays only once, either to the left or to the right.

I'm a CSS dummy, so I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, and I was wondering if you could help. Thanks!
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Thank you so much for creating and sharing this with us! I had so much fun customising my journal: the process was easy and as a result it also looks neat!

I've never tried personalising journal skins before, so I just thought I'd show you !  [outFITTED]
Thanks again :heart:
Mokolat-Illustr's avatar
Thanks you for profesionnal looking journal!
lauraypablo's avatar
It's really beautiful and elegant, I love it!! thank you so much dear!!!:iconsweethugplz: :+fav:
all works really nice, used here Friendly Feature #1 Today: Jamie Nicole
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Is there a way to make the top header (where the title and timestamp are) a smaller height?
I've tried all I know, I love this journal skin but the top is too big for my taste and I just can't figure it out. ; n ;
Any tips??
SimplySilent's avatar
It should be padding in .gr-top. Make the numbers there smaller, and it should work.
Kaerralind's avatar
Fehnryr's avatar
Hello! I see someone already mentioned this, but the new "core" BS has totally ruined the username portion of your beautiful journal skin. Is there a way to hide that hideous orange piece of crap?
SimplySilent's avatar
Ah, fudge. I'll check it out and resubmit this journal as an update when I fix it.
Mikey186's avatar
Um......with the 'CORE' badge is blocking the username. Is there a way to fix it somehow?
SimplySilent's avatar
Thanks for letting me know. I'll be fixing and resubmitting this journal today with a fix. :)
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