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Profile Greeting v2 [BROKEN]


Officially Broken

Update Sep 16, 2018: Hey all, due to changes to DeviantART's website, this code is officially broken and can no longer be purchased. My apologies to those who have purchased this code in the past, but unfortunately, it does not seem likely that this code will ever work again. Several of you pointed out DeviantART's new URL structure for profile pages as a problem, but unfortunately, the root cause is much bigger. For the curious, this profile greeting worked by using PHP curl to scrape the username of the most recent visitor from the Visitors widget of a user's profile page. However, it now appears that DeviantART pages can no longer be scraped. Perhaps there is some method around this new change, but as I am quite inactive on DA these days, this code will most likely remain dead.

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Give each visitor to your page a customized greeting by making your own Profile Greeting. Any logged-in deviant will be greeted by name, while those browsing invisibly will simply be greeted as "visitor".

Price: 400 points or $4.50 through PayPal (note me).


Due to popular demand, the following new updates have been added for v2 on May 5th, 2017:

1. Transparent background
2. Automatically centered text
3. Also works for group profiles


Please note that you must be a premium member in order to use this, as the greeting code works off the the Visitors widget.

1. Purchase the password needed to get your codes by clicking the button on the right. Make sure to extract the files from the zip folder.
2. Go to my Profile Greeting Creator page.
3. Customize your image as you wish and enter the password into the box to generate your own image.
4. Paste the HTML into any widget on your profile. Make sure to also have a Visitors widget installed with the settings as "Avatars and Text" or "Text".


1. Please do not send the password or the codes to anyone else. Only the person who purchased the password may use the codes from the Profile Greeting Creator.
2. The Profile Greeting Creator cannot be used to make commissions, requests, gifts, etc. for anyone else, whether it is for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
3. Credit on your page is highly appreciated, but not necessary.
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RainbowMoonBunny's avatar
aawww i wanted to buy this but it looks like it doesn't work anymore 
dADroid-bot's avatar
Can I advertise my own greeting code here :D
Demo on my profile: dADroid-bot - and it's working!

sorry SimplySilent!!
MidMist's avatar
Are you going to be issuing refunds?
I don’t know if that’s something you’d want to do but I’d just like to check
MidMist's avatar
This seems to have stopped working. :(
FizzyPopSodas's avatar
mine doesnt work
it says hello [error: incorrect username]
how do i fix this? 
Screenshot 2018-08-25 at 6.48.52 AM by FizzyPopSodas
LolaDotz's avatar
Hey Simply! I know this is yet another comment about the new DA update messing with the coding, but I have an important question. If/when you fix it, will people who have already paid have to buy the updated coding, or will we get the new coding since we already paid for this version? 

I'd appreciate a reply. I'm hoping I won't have to pay, in all honesty, since I literally just bought this. Anyway, hope you can be able to fix it! God bless. 
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Rhondaz's avatar
I think there's a problem ^^' I keep getting [error: incorrect username], I hope you can fix it <3
Nawnii's avatar
ScourgeMangaStudios's avatar
please let me know when this error is fixed ;; 
xY-a-z-z's avatar
please, let me know if you can fix this, I have the same problem as the people below ;^;
PortalToAnywhere's avatar
Hey SimplySilent! There is a problem with this... It keeps saying "error: incorrect username" for everyone. Just thought you ought to know. :)
SelflessDevotions's avatar
I got this error, too! :ohnoes:
roseefinch's avatar
hello! i’ve asked a few people and for me and my visitors it says “error: incorrect username” instead of the persons da name. it was working this morning, and then all of a sudden started to give me that message! ty
iiTyranite's avatar
I'm having the same problem as well!!
Navy-Sailor's avatar
I've been having the same problem ;u;
Martith's avatar
I have the same problem. Maybe it has something to do with DA change of url addresses? 
roseefinch's avatar
maybe! i think i may try and reload the code tomorrow and see if that works.
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