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How To: Profile Directory Tutorial

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This is one of the greatest resources around. Since there are other ways to customize your profile; using journal skins as featured deviations gives you more possibilities. And with this in our one hand, using the information here to create links to widgets allows us to create perfect navigation on long profile pages with lots of widgets and information. So this tutorial is simply gold.

The design of the tutorials are also very important. When they are pleasing to eye, it is more enjoyable to read them. Background color and the blueish color used for "highlighted" text looks pretty together, and makes the reading more comfortable. Text-image balance is very well done. If one those elements overwhelm the tutorial, it becomes a torture trying to hunt down the information you need. The clean and clear style is so good.

Over all, this is one of the most elegant presentation of one of the most useful information. What is left to us is to thank you...
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This comment is mostly for me but if it helps anyone! Im glad to be of service! <3

The widget takes you to certain places on your profile page. It doesnt work very well for it to be linked to other stuff
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Oh wow, thank you so much for making this tutorial! :heart:
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This will only work with premium members.

The code will be the same. :)
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I need help with my profile directory >.<
I want to put my profile directory (.:Menu:.) in my custom box but I'm not sure how and I tried using the codes in my custom box but it didn't work. Is there anyway to do this or is it not possible to put a directory in a custom box?
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Quite honestly I'm sure this is really amazing and helpful but my eyes just kind of blur past it all and vacantly stare at the screen//


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Heyy, I almost didn't recognize you there with the new icon! It's so cute. :meow:

Maybe if you stare at it long enough, it'll slowly filter into your brain through osmosis. :P
Lawli-Art's avatar
Thank you! <3 (Ah gosh I had almost forgotten about the little white turtle icon// maybe it'll make a return one day~ But your icon is as classic as ever!)

I kind of get it now! If I can figure the html gibberish out maybe I'll be able to add more widgets or stuff//
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I'm having a bit of a problem ;u; There is only a 10 digit code, not 9 for me ;n;
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Yeah... I think because of the increasing number of users... the more digits, the more possibilities... kinda like a coded lock... if it has more digits, the more possibilities, which is better if there's more users.
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hello! I want to ask (if you can and want to clearly) if you could translate this tutorial in Spanish, so you can understand more clearly.
  sorry for my English, is very bad.
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thanks for all your tutorials hon!!
have a great 2015 :huggle:
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Thank you so much 
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x3 woahhhh thanks!
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Very helpful! Thanks for this!
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This is sooo helpful! Thanks so much for making this! :love:
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I'm having trouble getting the font that I want.
I use Google Fonts. I've tried copying the code exactly,
as well as changing the punctuation, to no avail.
I've gone through the tutorials as well, and haven't been able to 
figure it out.

font-family: 'Kaushan Script', cursive;

<link href='…|Berkshire+Swash' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
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That should be it. :confused: I know dA group journals have a weird thing with previewing incorrectly, so try saving/publishing the journal and seeing what it looks like then.
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Lol I finally got it working. If you have any information on how
I might improve the directory on FriendHunt 's homepage, however,
please let me know! It's not long enough :P
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Nevermind, I figured it out.
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it get automaticlly changed into links so its wont work.. how do i fix that? ^^ 
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