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Fullsized Gallery Directory

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Published: July 27, 2014
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Fullsized Gallery Directory Creator

Show off your gallery in style by displaying your best works from each of your gallery folders. Same essential concept as my first Gallery Directory, but with several changes in design.

While anyone can mess around and preview what they want their directory to look like, you must purchase the password here for 300 points or $3.50 through PayPal (note me) in order to receive the codes that will allow you to install this to your profile. :)


Please note that you must be a core member in order to use this directory.

1. Purchase the password needed to get your codes by clicking the button on the right. Make sure to extract the files from the zip folder.
2. Go to my Fullsized Gallery Directory Creator page.
3. Customize your directory as you wish and enter the password into the box to see your codes.
4. Follow the steps in this tutorial to learn how to install the directory onto your page.


1. Please do not send the password or the codes to anyone else. Only the person who purchased the password may use the codes from the Fullsized Gallery Directory Creator. However, if you have multiple accounts or groups, you may create several directories for these accounts without additional payment.
2. The Gallery Directory Creator cannot be used to make commissions, requests, gifts, etc. for anyone else, whether it is for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
3. You can modify the codes however you would like, but only for your own use.
4. Credit on your page is highly appreciated, but not necessary.


If you have any suggestions for improvement or any ideas for what sort of profile customization I could try next, please do not hesitate to let me know!

Make a Gallery Directory v.2 by SimplySilent Make a Profile Directory v.4 (Updated!) by SimplySilent Make a Gallery Slideshow by SimplySilent
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TyGamess's avatar
TyGamessHobbyist Digital Artist
how does this password thing work???

Nerotoxin06's avatar
Nerotoxin06Student Traditional Artist
i needs this pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze make it free T-T
Elektrocuted's avatar
ElektrocutedStudent General Artist
I might get this once I have points and a core membership.
ShootingStarYT's avatar
ShootingStarYTHobbyist Digital Artist
official-maria-art's avatar
official-maria-artHobbyist General Artist
thank you very much for making those resouces :D cant wait to try it out on my profile
Anon-The-Dreamer's avatar
i want this. but accidentally bought this.
Make a Gallery Directory v.2 by SimplySilent
can you refund it?
SylvianFox's avatar
SylvianFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! How can I make this work better on a group page? Is there any way to integrate the background in to the CSS and hide the timestamp and title somehow? Because the only way to display this is through the "featured blog entry" widget which does not allow background coding like the featured deviation widget does on a profile. C:
colleenekat's avatar
colleenekatStudent Traditional Artist
Sorry about the last comment, I figured it out but ill say what I did in case anyone else has the same issue.

Move the Position down farther but not past the line, that should center the Images in the center of the Profile box.

Sorry again XD 
colleenekat's avatar
colleenekatStudent Traditional Artist
I really hate to bother you but Im not sure what ive done wrong here, my gallery is not centered evenly between the top of the box and the bottom of the box 

heres my page, it should be on the front
Harpy-Griffon's avatar
Harpy-GriffonHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not sure if this is mentioned, but are you able to edit the codes sooner if you want to change them or something? o.o
DittySama's avatar
DittySamaHobbyist General Artist
I barely have any points, but I need this so badddd
Itygirl's avatar
thank you!!!! It's great!
Kit-Cats's avatar
Kit-CatsHobbyist Digital Artist
wow I should have bought it instead :o
XxSonicLoverzxX's avatar
XxSonicLoverzxXStudent General Artist
I have a question : if I the code for this version of the page directory,it will work whit the other versions ?
Have a good day !
DrakynWyrm's avatar
DrakynWyrmHobbyist Digital Artist
Dat password do.

But anyways, thanks for doing this! ^^
SimplySilent's avatar
I need to entertain myself somehow when making this. :XD: Each password is actually meant to troll someone on DA, who is typically the person who suggested the particular widget.
DrakynWyrm's avatar
DrakynWyrmHobbyist Digital Artist
Not bad. Not bad at all. XD
AquaSparkles's avatar
AquaSparklesHobbyist Digital Artist
Bought! It is amazing on my page! ^w^
Fificat's avatar
FificatProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you, it worked perfectly!
KodaBerry's avatar
I bought this one when I wanted to buy this one Make a Profile Directory v.2
I am sorry for the incovenionce is their a way I could change it I don't have enough to buy a different one I only have 50 points left
thank you!!!
KodaBerry's avatar
Actually never mind I will keep this and use it for the future I change my mind about getting the other one as well
Yuiccia's avatar
YuicciaProfessional General Artist
I don't understand the tutorial, I can't put this in my profile
Kara-furu's avatar
Kara-furuHobbyist Digital Artist
This is amazing but I don't have PM ;;;;;;;v;;;;;
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