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I sometimes dream of vanishing
hiding from my friends
curling up inside myself to see
if they'll notice.

I sometimes dream of breaking
like I really feel
letting myself shatter
for a chance to heal.

But I realize that I'm dreaming
because no one really cares
if you're broken inside
or if you're really there.
Been a while since I've posted one of these. I actually have about 10 stored up...because I'm lazy.
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Imkimmy4's avatar
aawwww this is kind of sad. :(
I'm sure that you have some very wonderful friends that care for you so very much and would hate it if you were sad. :(
SimplyKitten's avatar
Thanks :) I do have great friends, but we all feel sad sometimes anyway.
Imkimmy4's avatar
Ya. :)
I was just making sure that you knew and I wanted to also make sure that if you needed someone or something I was here and ready to help! ^^