Tale 58 - On Stillness

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"If you stand still long enough, and still enough, everyone will think you're a tree."

When he'd said that to me upon first meeting him, I thought he was crazy. He was standing on the grassy bit in a shopping center, not moving, when I came up to him. I recognized him from school and, I'll admit, was curious.

"But I didn't think you were a tree."

"That's how I know you can become a tree too."

That was some tricky logic.

"So everyone thinks I'm talking to a tree right now?"

"No, I'm moving, silly." He grinned his classic goofy grin. "But sit down, yeah, there, and don't talk to me. Or don't expect answers."

I sat and he stopped moving. People walked by, glancing at us, probably wondering why we were just there, not moving. I was at least picking at the hole in my jeans. Maybe that's why the glances fell on me more than him. Or maybe he was onto something with his tree theory. Eventually my mom came out of the shop and I stood, leaving him behind without a word. She didn't even glance to him, or ask any questions. Maybe she didn't see him. Maybe she only saw a tree.
I really like this one and I think I'd like to expand upon it, but I'm not really sure where I'd go with it.
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