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Why didn't you make me
the boy that I was?
You saw what I looked like
with pink cheeks and soft fuzz.

Now I've gotta cope
with the way that you left me,
slinging my neck
like I'm some good lady.

When I strip down at night,
I wonder what I'd see
if you had just left
what was supposed to be.

It'd be smooth and arousing
hard angles, not curves
but this is the result
when the surgeon's hand swerves.

If I'd had a voice I'd have stopped you
from cutting me clean,
but now I'll never know
what could have been.

I stare in disgust
at what's left of my organ
and laugh in despair
at the short end of my bargain.
still putting some final touches on the last "The Trouble With Cats" chapter (or whatever).

So instead you get this...

ETA: I just realized this poem takes on very different feels if you think it's written to the voice's parents versus God, or vice versa.
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