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This is a simple test to see how many great poets can be attracted to one group. Who knows if I will succeed, but I hope to make this group grow strong in DA! All lovers of poetry and art are encouraged to join.
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Huffington Paws by professorlongfello Huffington Paws :iconprofessorlongfello:professorlongfello 27 8
Remember me, please,
When the last slivers of light cease,
When the sound of the last sigh slowly dies,
When my hand no longer caress your chin.
Those lips curving in smile, tenderly pressed against your chest,
The single, crystal-clear tear that would never leave my eyes,
And the laughter you would always break free from my sorrow.
Caress those memories:
The warm assurance of unwavering bond, the calming embrace,
The reason to be and the reason to withstand,
And that sweet melody when I called your name.
Do remember, and smile.
As all of it had happened once, I assure you,
however unreal it may seems, like an illusion or a dream.
I promise, I will remember, wherever it may be.
:iconamorsacer:AmorSacer 7 0
detangling dangerous circuitry
at the beginning
I was innocent
I believed I was strong
I believed I was secure
I believed I was a protector
I believed I was an advocate
I believed I stood for righteousness
I believed I stood for justice
I believed I stood for healing
I believed I stood for the weak
I believed I stood for the helpless
I believed this would never change
but slowly
I became the weak
I became the helpless
to all the pain that I witnessed
to all the cruelty I saw committed
to all the indifference and even prejudice
my voice started out strong and diminished to a silence
I was silence by all of the
popular politics
the strong opinions
the negative thoughts
the active gaslighting
my voice died a slow cruel death
silently watching
my soul screamed
and I could remember a message from King that said
that those that stand by are just as guilty of the perpetrators
and I knew I was guilty
the guilt ate away at me
my happiness corroded
rotten on the inside
but happiness remained intact on the outside
toxic energy
:iconemilywrites:emilywrites 5 4
Lady of the glen by professorlongfello Lady of the glen :iconprofessorlongfello:professorlongfello 12 11
Secrets to Keep
I cannot fault a man for his secrets
He thought me a harsh judge but I understand all too well
How can I judge a person based on their secrets?
When I have my own to keep
I hold many things within myself
I know what it is to surrender one of them
The pain and anguish of being cast aside
But to take such a risk is something admirable
I will not scrutinize you beyond what you give
And in turn I ask you do the same
I do not offer such a cruel opinion of the things locked within you
Because I too have dark things I keep a secret from the world
So do not worry too much about how you will be received by me
I am in no place to judge you too cruelly
In my confidant the deep things of your person will be kept safe
All I ask is that mine be kept safe too
:iconxredwritinghood:xRedWritingHood 6 3
twisted wire
for c.g.
pt. 1
being in love made me into
a better person. 

feet firmly planted, standing for something- someone
doesn’t transform you per se, bur rather brings to the forefront
the absolute in you. 
devotion bred from certainty. 
focus bred from devotion. 
and within your newfound focus, answers to questions that were maybe once so unclear that you hadn’t even thought to ask them, fall into your lap in the most timely fashion: your conscious has risen to the occasion and granted you access to all the tools you’d ever think you’d need to protect and nurture, always. 
you feel deeper, 
listen better,
realize the weight your words carry. 
you understand the impact of your actions. you have been afforded the permission to reach into someones veins. synapses in their brain are firing off in response to your proximity, your stare, your touch. yes of course, these phenomena hav
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 2 3
Bulls Shouldn't Drink Cheap Vodka by living-in-his-head Bulls Shouldn't Drink Cheap Vodka :iconliving-in-his-head:living-in-his-head 2 2
I Love You, I Do
I love you, I do
It may not seem it, with the
Seventeen unread text messages and two missed calls
I've not answered since yesterday but
I love you, I do
It's not that I forgot
No matter what I tell you later
My phone was on
I noticed the texts
I heard my phone ringing and
I love you, I do
Yet I'm paralyzed seeing
You truly care
Written on my little electronic screen
Mostly though, I'm paralyzed knowing that
I love you, I do
It's the sparkle in your eyes
The way you look at me when I say
The most nerdy goddamn thing
It's the way you talk about the new thing you learned today
The way you care about everyone and
The way you touch me
in the night
oh, I love you, I do
I want you, and you want me
But the other wants
I am afraid that they will drive us apart
I'm so locked in my head
I should just tell you
I want a boy
but I want girls too
And you just want
Maybe that should make me love you more
But it doesn't
My deviant cravings typical of your gender
Yet as 'typ
:icontabbyxthexcat:TabbyxthexCat 0 0
The last step to growing up
Once upon a green Christmas
sat a girl without a wishlist
who had already unwrapped all her gifts
she was happy and content
With the last childhood joy gone
it wasn't as sad as she thought it would be
all she did was smile
knowing that her future was unfolding before her
She no longer hid from the impending adulthood
instead she drove towards it
now that she was out of the pit of despair
she had no need to live through others
so she left them behind
she described it as shedding her old skin
so her wings could unfold
:iconoversweet:Oversweet 2 0
(tremulous, tremendous)
Some years removed, I return:
again, a stranger
         ––again, Other and, yes, Unknown––
         in this land overlaid
with faint, mushroom fingerprints
                   (my own?),
dappled shadow of occasional devotion
through spider’s lace.
Some memories turn away
from me, but others
         remain. So, the sensation
of a sudden, early-
November Renaissance, followed by
         an obsession with Boy Who Wasn’t
         Really There crouching
in the mouth of a gigantic, sometimes swaying oak tree
                   ––a weakness
for smudging time across
the corner of a desk.
(And always) I wonder
if I ever belonged
         in that polite, pastoral dream.
:iconunreliableruth:UnreliableRuth 2 2
Unbolted Snape
It's those brief thoughts of....
or am I just fooling myself?
It is easier than -
finding mistletoe on a shelf.
I'm freezing staring at the stars
while they are warm inside.
Why am I still hanging around 
when I would rather hide?  
As a pirate who looks for a thread- 
which will undo the hangman's rope.
It is the thoughts of damned soul...
there is still an impossible hope.
It's said nice guys finish last
and in the end there are debts we pays.
I will hold you in my heart -
for now... forever ..and for always.
:iconscarletquill:ScarletQuill 6 2
i got a red rose
from a loved one.
i snipped off the flower
and kept the thorns,
as she stared at me in shock.
i told her
that I loved her, but that
i would rather be profound
than deceived.
:iconomnibusjeremius:omnibusjeremius 8 2
My Confusing Mind
Can you help with my confusing head?
Or would you be as lost like me?
As I try to answer so many questions,
But always failing in this strange type of end.
Where I’m lost and afraid to leave this very place,
As I’m to scared of getting out of here.
Since outside these walls is the world of work.
From day to night, with so little rest.
To be alone,
And to do things on my own.
Since this world is filled with labor,
With a pay within these wagers,
Will always be the one in filth and greed,
As they’ll make me pay for almost everything.
I’m frightened to be in such a world,
As I only feel that I will only fail.
To go with the flow of this society,
 Since I can only go to my own path,
That I have made long ago.
And as that life is getting closer,
I still don’t know on what I’m taking.
As I don’t think I’ll ever print,
Another product again,
Since I know I’ll only screw up.
Cause, isn’t that what I always do?
I try to win,
But a
:iconawsomeisred:AwsomeIsRed 1 0
The Wolf Song
This song is dedicated to all the Wolves,
who had fallen for the pack,
who had died to save us.
Gods bless your bravery.
We will never forget...

Glorious descendants of wildness,
Left hearts full of loneliness.
For the freedom’s sake you have fallen,
They‘ve left your dreams forever broken!
You died to save us, your sacrifice…
It’s the greatest heroism in our eyes!
So brave kids of wildness,
Left hearts full of sadness.
We’ll remember, we’ll never forget… never!
Knowing killing you was the worse crime ever,
We’ll keep the memories of you with honour,
Swearing they won’t kill our kind anymore!
Glorious descendants of wildness,
Our hearts full of loneliness.
So brave kids of wildness,
Our hearts full of sadness.
You’ve given us the might for now and ever.
The power to don’t let them win – never!
We all solemnly swear, that we’ll fight…
‘til the very end of this dying night!
You’ve given
:iconkrikak:Krikak 52 26
Symphony of One
The group of ten hush each other
The chirping crickets of the night grow silent
The boy that never spoke
Eyes those around the glow of the crackling fire
He lifts up his pick
And prolongs a simple chord
Coolness in his face, he repeats the set
As he begins to sing about a lost soul, restored
They hang on every note
They cling to every word
They bend at the mercy
Of this symphony of one’s harmonious soul
Revisiting the chorus, he closes his eyes
His strumming picks up and then it dies
As his musical weapon cries softly
To the enevitable, melodical demise
:iconsubliminalfox:SubliminalFox 9 10
Lilies by Kuvshinov-Ilya Lilies :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 2,457 39
Hey All :D

Anyone interested in having more privileges and be promoted to a contributor is free to message me.

I am so excited about this group and with almost 900 members we have become a presence here on deviantart.

Thanks for your support!

~ W. Gypsy
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